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Products and Solutions

Presentation Support

Presentation Center

Government affairs professionals are tasked with educating their stakeholders on complex issues. We make this job easier by providing ready-made, customizable PowerPoint slides covering a wide range of issues.

  • Access and download an unlimited number of editable slides and charts from the 200+ produced and updated each week.
  • Educate your stakeholders on a wide variety of issues, including 2018 midterm elections, energy, health care, trade, defense, economics, technology, and more.
  • Customize . Drag, drop, or delete certain elements. Remove our logo and add your own. Incorporate our content into newsletters, memos, or social media campaigns. The slides are yours—we just build them.

We have expertise in policy research and are skilled in graphic design and data visualization.

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Presentation Center Concierge

Do you need visually appealing content to achieve your organization’s goals? Trust our team of experts to make your message stand out and resonate with your stakeholders.

  • Build a deck from scratch. Simply tell your dedicated advisor what you’d like include in your custom presentation and we’ll take it from there.
  • Clean up your existing slides. Our presentation specialists will take your deck and add an extra layer of polish.

We have expertise in policy overviews, data visualization, data mapping, slide cleanup, graphic design, animated data charts, heat mapping, data mining, and more.

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Research and Advisory Services

Network Science Initiative

Who do advocates need to influence in order to shape policy? How do they reach them? NSI conducts deep research on people and organizations, maps the connections among them, and illuminates viable pathways to exerting influence.

  • Discover emerging power centers and quiet voices within policy debates using NSI’s hand curated datasets and analysis of key influencers’ expertise and connectivity.
  • Visualize the relationships among key influencers and policy communities and how those connections can shape policymakers.
  • Integrate NSI’s findings with internal expertise to develop an actionable engagement strategy. To facilitate these conversations, NSI provides executive summaries, white-label presentations intended for client stakeholders, and on-site presentations.

Our expertise is based on the application of network science, which uses rigorous methodology to understand people relationships, and the experience that comes from serving more than 50 of Washington’s leading organizations. NSI Executive Director Luke Hartig leads a team of 17 analysts, who track more than 30,000 people, organizations, and verified network connections.

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Ballast Research

How do leading companies and associations know—and prove —that their advocacy is effective? Ballast Research solves this problem through research and insights culled directly from federal and state policymakers.

  • Validate your advocacy strategy using Ballast’s data from senior policymakers that provide feedback on what advocacy strategies work and which ones don’t.
  • Demonstrate your advocacy’s ROI with Ballast’s Policy Brand Index service, which measures your reputation and advocacy investments over time.

Our expertise is advising government affairs leaders with exclusive research on brand reputation and advocacy strategy.

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Market Intelligence

Resource Benchmarking

Are you adequately resourced to support key priorities and initiatives in the coming year? National Journal’s resource benchmarking study examines current and future budgeting, headcount, and investment trends among leading government affairs offices .

  • Custom reports: Participants receive custom reports tailored to their organization, with peer comparisons based on industry, size, and strategy.
  • Confront the challenges of resourcing: Across the board, whether budgets are shrinking, staying flat, or growing, there’s difficulty in knowing how to adjust to those changes. Our survey alleviates that burden to ensure that your resources are allocated effectively.

We have expertise in equipping organizations with the information they need to identify how their spending and staffing levels compare to their peers in the policy community.

Washington in the Information Age (WIA)

National Journal’s Washington in the Information Age report is the only one of its kind–providing key insights on the media consumption habits of Congressional staffers and other Washington insiders.

  • WIA delivers exclusive data on the behavior of influential Washington decision makers when it comes to what news and information they consume, when they consume it, and who they trust most.
  • The survey identifies the roles different channels play in day-to-day policy work,the social media platforms most popular inside the Beltway, and the media brands most relied upon by Washington insiders.

We have expertise in providing guidance on how your organization can adapt and tailor engagement strategies, and how trust and influence have shifted since the 2016 election cycle.

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News and Tools

NJ Daily

Published every day that Congress is in session, National Journal Daily is your source for everything happening on the Hill.

  • Provides members with insider access to Congress: From in-depth policy coverage to profiles of key leaders and power players on Capitol Hill.
  • The Daily is hand-delivered to the desks of all 535 congressional offices and top officials across the executive branch.

We have expertise in analyzing critical issues, and have been a trusted, non-partisan resource to Washington influencers since 1969.


Hotline’s Wake-Up Call and Latest Edition preview the day’s top stories and provide 360° coverage of elections across the country.

  • Washington’s most powerful political tracking tool condenses political coverage from hundreds of sources over the previous 24 hours to provide you with unbeatable news on campaigns and predictive intelligence on elections.
  • Wake-Up Call distills the morning’s key political headlines while Latest Edition assembles election and campaign news from across the country.

Race Tracker

Powered by the intelligence of National Journal’s Hotline, Race Tracker has been the go-to source for data on elections, campaigns, and candidates since 2010.

  • Race Tracker is a digital, interactive hub for elections that encompasses every key race so you don’t have to search multiple sources and compile the findings on your own.
  • Customizable dashboards allow you to quickly pull and download all relevant information regarding the campaigns that matter to you — from polling data, to campaign contributions, to issue ratings, and more.

We have expertise in compiling and analyzing data and polls from the races that matter most to you.


National Journal’s Daybook will keep you up to date with the most important events and hearings in Washington. With our iOS mobile app , you can access the Daybook on the go.

  • Plan your week with the most comprehensive list of policy events happening in Washington.
  • Search by topic, date, and location , then export the list to keep tabs on the events most relevant to you.

We have expertise in ensuring Washington professionals never miss an important hearing, vote, or briefing.


Published since 1972, The Almanac of American Politics provides political operators with profiles of every member of Congress, and demographic and historical election data by state and congressional district. The digital edition also includes updated directories for all federal staff.

  • Exportable congressional and federal staff directories
  • Filter your searches by factors like party affiliation, job title, agency, and appointment type to quickly find the information you need.

We have expertise in keeping up with the high volume of Capitol Hill staff turnover and providing updated and accurate contact information for your outreach.