National Journal and The Cook Political Report with Amy Walter have served as preeminent forces in the world of politics and policy for decades, known for providing the highest caliber perspectives on the inner workings of Washington, without bias and without spin. The companies’ shared values of practicing thoughtful non-partisan journalism over a “hot take,” with an emphasis on the power of relationship and mutual respect, continue to provide incredible value via its long-standing partnership.

Throughout the years, National Journal has maintained a strong editorial connection with The Cook Political Report (CPR). In addition to featuring a weekly column and virtual series hosted by Cook Political Report founder, Charlie Cook, National Journal is a former home for Amy Walter who served as Hotline editor and columnist from 2007 to 2010. With Amy now serving as publisher and editor-in-chief of The Cook Political Report with Amy Walter, topline summaries of CPR analysis can be found in NJ’s Presentation Center.

Together, National Journal and The Cook Political Report with Amy Walter provide a full suite of content that gives audiences a complete picture of the inner workings of Washington.

About National Journal

National Journal has cemented its position as the comprehensive non-partisan news source by providing readers with forward-looking, analytical journalism that informs insiders not just about what is happening in Washington, but why it’s happening, and what the future implications are. National Journal’s offerings have evolved with the ever-changing needs of the government affairs executives they serve.

About CPR

The Cook Political Report with Amy Walter is legendary amongst Washington insiders, corporate leaders, and political enthusiasts as a “gold standard” source for its handicapping of congressional and presidential elections. With the re-branding of The Cook Political Report with Amy Walter in August 2021, the CPR team, featuring Amy Walter, David Wasserman, Jessica Taylor and Charlie Cook, continues to adapt its offerings to support the needs of politically-minded readers who consistently turn to their analysis to get the need-to-know perspective from the experts.

CPR via National Journal

The CPR offers non-partisan analysis of every House, Senate, and Governor's campaign and election, along with coverage of presidential campaigns and national trends. Topline summaries CPR analysis can be found in NJ's Presentation Center where government affairs executives look for presentations, custom content, data visualization, and in-depth profiles on the individuals impacting change in Washington.


“Both National Journal and The Cook Political Report with Amy Walter are well-respected and invaluable resources for those interested in the world of politics and policy. Through this extended partnership, we will continue to provide audiences with unmatched value, leveraging both organizations’ strengths to deliver unbiased perspectives and wisdom before it’s conventional,”

-Afzal Bari, President of National Journal Membership