Asylum advocates press Biden on COVID border policies

President Biden has not removed COVID-19 border restrictions put in place by Trump officials, worrying immigration advocates who say asylum seekers could be endangered.

The Biden administration says it wants to undo Trump-era immigration policies, but officials have yet to rescind a controversial order that effectively closed the border to asylum seekers during the COVID-19 pandemic. The White House is now at odds with several immigration and health-policy advocates

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House votes on elections overhaul as states seek to tighten rules

Dozens of states are considering bills restricting voting practices favored by Democrats as the Supreme Court hears a case on their constitutionality.

By Kirk A. Bado and Casey Wooten

House Democrats are poised to approve a sweeping overhaul of election laws in their first major act of legislation following the passage of President Biden’s $1.9 trillion pandemic relief bill last week.  The For the People Act—given the designation H.R. 1 by House leadership, signaling

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Wednesday Q+A with Randi Weingarten

The powerful teachers’ union boss discusses reopening schools amid frustration from parents and politicians.

American Federation of Teachers President Randi Weingarten has spent the last year communicating with leaders in government and education about reopening schools during the pandemic. As schools face increasing pressure from frustrated parents and politicians, Weingarten spoke with Mini Racker on Tuesday about when they

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Congress to renew fight over facial recognition ban

With the House poised to pass some restrictions this week, Democrats in both chambers are prepping a broader moratorium on law enforcement’s use of the intrusive algorithms. But has bipartisan consensus on the issue evaporated?

Following a failed attempt at reform in the previous Congress, Capitol Hill is poised to reignite the thorny debate over law enforcement’s use of facial-recognition technology. But after two impeachments, a summer of protests against police brutality, and a pro-Trump riot at the Capitol, advocates

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AGAINST THE GRAIN: Trump’s biggest post-presidential power: his endorsements

Republicans are worried that he’ll anoint weak candidates in winnable races, hurting the party’s ability to mount a political comeback.

Former President Trump’s reemergence on the political scene at the CPAC conference last weekend did little to reassure nervous Republicans that he would play a constructive role in leading the GOP back to power. While he talked about uniting the party under the banner of

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GAO unveils High-Risk List, with two new additions

Just over one-third of the list’s 36 items have met even one criterion for removal.

The Government Accountability Office released its biennial High-Risk List on Tuesday, highlighting agencies and programs “vulnerable to waste, fraud, abuse, and mismanagement, or that need broad reform.” The two additions to the 36-item list since 2019—the SBA’s emergency-loan program and federal efforts to mitigate illegal

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Lawmakers want to strip 2022 Olympics from China

House members introduced legislation on Monday that would require the State Department to brief athletes on the human-rights situation.

Some lawmakers outraged by Beijing’s persecution of the Uyghurs and other ethnic minorities say President Biden should rally international support to move the 2022 Winter Olympic Games out of China—or the U.S. should boycott them. Supporters say sending American athletes to compete in China sends

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