National Journal Group is a premier research and insights company committed to helping organizations effectively navigate Washington.

We serve over 1,000 leaders with the intelligence, insights, and connections they need to save time, increase efficiency and deliver success.

Within National Journal Group exist two distinct business divisions: National Journal Membership and Gravity Research, both of which are dedicated to providing public policy professionals with credible, non-partisan analysis.

  • National Journal Membership offers award-winning journalism, boardroom-ready presentations, customized infographics and analysis, and exclusive events. We provide members with the data, content, and resources they need to stay on top of key movements in people, politics, and policy.
  • Gravity Research specializes in strategy and business development, risk management, and stakeholder mapping. We help organizations navigate high-priority policy and brand issues, identify key influencers, and develop data-driven messaging and engagement strategies for creating impact. Our custom research provides analytical insights, deep-dive profiles, custom benchmarking, and ongoing tracking to help you engage both inside and outside of Washington, DC.

We offer a variety of partnerships that give public policy and business professionals the tools and research needed to affect change. We serve both the Hill and the White House, as well as lobbying and public affairs firms, government affairs teams, government contractors, and organizations with a focus on inside-the-beltway issues.

We employ talented, diverse, and ambitious individuals who share our commitment to meeting the evolving needs of government affairs teams and those who work with the government. 

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