Frequently Asked Questions

Browse the selection of questions below for any inquiries you might have. If you cannot find what you are looking for, please contact your Dedicated Advisor, call Membership Services at 202-266-7900, or email

What is National Journal Membership?
National Journal is a premier research and insights company committed to helping organizations effectively navigate Washington. We serve more than 1,000 government and business leaders with the intelligence, insights and connections they need to save time, increase efficiency and deliver success. National Journal offers a variety of packages for government affairs teams with resources focused on making public policy professionals more efficient and effective. We serve both the Hill and the White House, as well as lobbying firms, corporate government affairs teams, and organizations with a focus on inside-the-beltway issues.

How do I get a log-in for my National Journal Account?

Log-ins can be created within minutes. If you would like to request a user account, please contact your organization’s Dedicated Advisor, or Membership Services at 202-266-7900 or

I forgot my password. How do I log-in?

In order to reset your password, please visit Once you have entered in your email address, you will receive an email link from Membership Services to reset your password. If you have not received the e-mail link, please check your Spam folder.

Who do I contact for questions about my National Journal Account?

For any questions related to your National Journal membership, contact your Dedicated Advisor. You can find your Dedicated Advisor’s photo, name and contact information on the upper right side of your homepage. You can also contact Membership Services at 202-266-7900 or through

What do I have access to with National Journal membership?

National Journal resources available to your organization depend on your package. Below is a list of resources available through National Journal. Please contact your Dedicated Advisor or if you have questions on which resources are available to you.

  • Best Practice Research and Implementation Guidance: Full-length write-ups of demonstrated best practices sourced from organizations that have solved broadly felt Member challenges and one-page profiles of noteworthy innovations in the practice of Government Affairs. Implementation toolkits for various strategic priorities along with an on-site presentation, workshop or planning session at the Washington, DC location of your choice with our research team. Past collaborations have included board presentations, advocacy training seminars, retreat workshops and association member breakouts at fly-ins and annual conferences.
  • Exclusive In-Person Events and Webinars: Meetings and panels of varied size and format. Examples include interactive, boardroom-style discussions featuring case studies of successful advocacy organizations and peer discussions over lunch on specific, Member-selected themes. Webinars are live and interactive insights from National Journal policy experts and best practice researchers.
  • Presentation Center: An evolving database of copyright-free, white label PowerPoint slides that break down major political and policy issues, as well as explains how Washington works.
  • Presentation Center: Data and Charts: Our resource for all high quality data sets and charts on public policy and politics from government, think tanks and academia.
  • Almanac: Biographical and background information on all federally-elected officials, state governors, and congressional districts. Members can also download Congressional and Federal Agency staffer contact information.
  • Daybook: Online calendar of the important events happening on and off Capitol Hill.
    Search for events, receive customizable e-mail alerts, and easily add events directly to your own calendar.
  • Racetracker: Campaign polling and finance data tool for Presidential, Congressional, and Gubernatorial races.
  • National Journal Daily: Your source for everything happening on the Hill. Delivered online and via email alerts every morning.
  • The Hotline: The ultimate insider’s source for campaign and election information, available online and via e-mail alerts every morning.
  • Email Alerts: Pre-set e-mail alert preferences for National Journal Daily, and The Hotline, along with popular columns, blogs, and vertical coverage

How can my colleague get access to National Journal?

Please reach out to your Dedicated Advisor to set up accounts or make changes to your own. You can also contact Membership Services at 202-266-7900 or

How do I unsubscribe from all of my email alerts?

Go to your My Account page to manage all of the alerts going to your inbox. If any newsletters are in bold, simply click on them again to unsubscribe. Under Topic Alerts, make sure no boxes are checked in the entire list. Under Custom Alerts, you can click on the “x” to the left of any alerts listed under the “Save Alert” button.

Is there a mobile app?

Yes, National Journal has an app for all Apple iOS devices that focuses on our Daybook - a list of events on and off the Hill in Washington. This app can be downloaded here. If you would like to access other resources from National Journal on smartphones or tablets, our website is mobile-friendly.

What is the Presentation Center?

The Presentation Center is a database of Powerpoint slides and decks that covers current political news, and breaks down how Washington DC works. These slides can be used in existing presentations, newsletters or briefings or added to social media and blog posts. All presentations and slides are copyright-free and white label for our members.

Can I customize and share slides from the Presentation Center?

Yes. Our slides are copyright-free for our members. Feel free to share them with your stakeholders via your website, social media, presentation, etc.

I’m having trouble finding a certain slide in the presentation center, what do I do?

The presentation center hosts thousands of slides and infographics. If you are having trouble finding a specific slide, please email your Dedicated Advisor for assistance. You can also contact Membership Services at 202-266-7900 or

Can National Journal make custom slides or take requests for slides or data?

Yes. To make a request, please contact your Dedicated Advisor or Membership Services at 202-266-7900 or

There are some presentations that say I don’t have access. How do I get access?

Presentations marked “Premium” are a part of the Presentation Center Verticals collection, which includes in-depth coverage across six industries: Energy, Health Care, Finance, Tax/Economy/Labor, Technology, and Cybersecurity. To learn more about adding this premium content, please contact your Dedicated Advisor.

Where can I RSVP for National Journal Member events?

You can RSVP on our events page or by reaching out to your Dedicated Advisor. You can also contact Membership Services at 202-266-7900 or

Why can’t I find what I am looking for on the site?

The magnifying glass at the top right-hand corner of the website is our main search bar. You will be able to search all aspects of the website from there. Our search feature utilizes Bouillon search, so feel free to combine phrases or terms together. Using quotations helps to narrow your search as well. If you are having trouble finding content on the website, you may want to reach out to your Dedicated Advisor for a complete walk-through of the tools and resources. You can also contact Membership Services at 202-266-7900 or

How can I get a copy of the Daily in print delivered to my office?

Delivery of the National Journal Daily is only available to offices inside the Beltway. Please contact your Dedicated Advisor or to set this up. You can also contact Membership Services at 202-266-7900.

Who can I contact if I have additional questions or issues not listed here?

Please call or email your Dedicated Advisor or

Can you set up IP access for my office or building?

Yes. Please contact your Dedicated Advisor or to set up IP access for your office.


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