Through our Concierge service, our members can request custom-built animated graphics, videos, GIFs, HTML, interactive mapping, and more to improve their communications, drive increased engagement, and educate their constituencies.

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Animated Graphics

Employ custom-made animated graphics and visuals to help you educate, engage, and inspire your audiences. Use these graphics to improve your social media strategy, newsletter content, and more.

Historic Midterm Results

PAC Match

PAC Education – Contribution Guidelines

How a Bill Becomes a Law


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Customized Videos

Rely on National Journal to deliver custom, branded videos that engage and educate your board members, stakeholders, and advocates. We focus on your specific interests and goals, compile important information, and create high-quality, short animated videos for use in your communications.

Advocating for Construction Worker Rights

PAC 101 Explainer

Interactive Mapping

Work with us to build enhanced, interactive, customized maps that clearly visualize your organization’s footprint and impact. These maps can be built to zoom in and pan around specific locations or regions, and overlay key data points such as congressional information or socioeconomic data.

View Interactive Map



View Interactive Map

Animated Reports

Bring Your Presentations to Life

Take your reports and presentations to the next level with custom animation.

Let our team convert the top lines from your reports into animated presentations to engage your stakeholders.  Animated reports will allow you and your team to deliver dense content and critical data in a way that is engaging, visual, and easy to digest. 

View sample report.

Custom HTML Newsletters

Turn to National Journal to build fully customized HTML newsletters that are visual, engaging, and ready for you to send via your existing email and marketing automation platforms.

Sample Monthly Policy Newsletter

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Sample Washington ImPACt Newsletter

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