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Aug. 9, 2013, 8:02 a.m.

What’s next on non­pro­lif­er­a­tion and in­ter­na­tion­al se­cur­ity, in Wash­ing­ton and around the globe.

— Au­gust 12: Rus­si­an Pres­id­ent Vladi­mir Putin is ex­pec­ted to meet with his new Ir­a­ni­an coun­ter­part, Has­san Rouh­ani, in a meet­ing in Tehran. The tet-a-tet comes just as Pres­id­ent Obama has spurned a planned sum­mit with Putin but might be en­ter­tain­ing the idea of an even­tu­al sit-down with Rouh­ani — if con­di­tions evolve suf­fi­ciently to al­low it. Mean­time, top-of-the-agenda items for the Putin-Rouh­ani con­fab can be ex­pec­ted to in­clude the pro­spects for mul­ti­lat­er­al talks about Ir­an’s con­tested nuc­le­ar pro­gram and the on­go­ing civil war in Syr­ia.

— Au­gust 12-16: The Pal­ais des Na­tions in Geneva, Switzer­land, will play host to a five-day “Meet­ing of Ex­perts” on the Bio­lo­gic­al Weapons Con­ven­tion, sponsored by the BWC Im­ple­ment­a­tion Sup­port Unit. The event, to be chaired by Ju­dit Körömi of Hun­gary, is to con­sider ways to strengthen co­oper­a­tion and as­sist­ance; re­view new de­vel­op­ments in BWC-re­lated sci­ence and tech­no­logy; and dis­cuss how to en­able great­er par­ti­cip­a­tion in con­fid­ence-build­ing meas­ures.

— Au­gust 13: How im­port­ant are the per­cep­tions of lead­ing de­cision-makers when it comes to set­ting na­tion­al policy agen­das? Jung Joo Kwon, a Korea Found­a­tion ju­ni­or schol­ar at the Wilson Cen­ter, will use game the­ory to help as­sess per­cep­tions and mis­per­cep­tions swirl­ing around North Korea’s third nuc­le­ar crisis. James Per­son of the cen­ter’s His­tory and Pub­lic Policy Pro­gram will chair the Wash­ing­ton ses­sion and of­fer re­marks on Kwon’s ana­lys­is.

— Au­gust 13-15: Six United Na­tions spe­cial­ists on sanc­tions against North Korea are to vis­it Panama for an in­quiry on the re­cent dis­cov­ery of an un­dis­closed ship­ment of weapon sys­tems from Cuba to Py­ongy­ang, as cargo ves­sel passed through the icon­ic Cent­ral Amer­ic­an canal. The in­vest­ig­at­ors are to fol­low up the trip with an ini­tial re­port — and, later, a fuller ex­pos­i­tion — on their find­ings.

— Au­gust 13-15: Cho Tae-yong, South Korea’s lead ne­go­ti­at­or in the six-party talks aimed at de­nuc­lear­iz­ing the North, is to meet with his Rus­si­an equi­val­ent, Ig­or Vladi­mirovich Mor­gu­lov, and oth­er gov­ern­ment of­fi­cials in Mo­scow to dis­cuss latest de­vel­op­ments and co­ordin­ate on policy.

— Au­gust 15: Fo­cus­ing more on the south­ern end of the Korean Pen­in­sula, Con­gres­sion­al Re­search Ser­vice policy ana­lyst Mark Holt will dis­cuss “chal­lenges for con­gres­sion­al ac­tion” in ex­tend­ing the U.S.-South Korea nuc­le­ar trade agree­ment. Wash­ing­ton and Seoul de­cided earli­er this year to seek a simple two-year ex­ten­sion of their soon-to-ex­pire ex­ist­ing co­oper­a­tion pact, as a ne­go­ti­ated agree­ment about the terms of a re­new­al ac­cord has thus far eluded them. The U.S.-Korea In­sti­tute at the Johns Hop­kins School of Ad­vanced In­ter­na­tion­al Stud­ies has partnered with the Glob­al Amer­ica Busi­ness In­sti­tute to spon­sor the event in Wash­ing­ton.

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