Watch a Decade of Economic Growth in Africa

National Journal
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Brian Mcgill
Aug. 6, 2014, 10:03 a.m.

The fo­cus of this week’s U.S.-Afric­an lead­ers sum­mit has been on trade and in­vest­ment with the U.S. and with­in the con­tin­ent. Over the past dec­ade and a half, the Afric­an con­tin­ent has for the most part showed steady year-over-year growth, with gross do­mest­ic product of about 5 per­cent as a whole. Even dur­ing the Great Re­ces­sion, most Afric­an na­tions fared well com­pared with the struggles of the West­ern world. Part of the reas­on has been re­l­at­ively high com­mod­ity prices for many of Africa’s nat­ur­al re­sources, and sig­ni­fic­antly less civil un­rest in the sub-Saha­ran re­gion.

Un­rest in Libya in 2011 and the split of Su­dan and South Su­dan in late 2011 are ex­cep­tions.

In the map be­low, com­pare Afric­an coun­tries an­nu­al GDP growth with coun­tries around the world, dat­ing back to the turn of the cen­tury.

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