Jon Stewart Gave Hillary Clinton an Impromptu Job Aptitude Test

“Do you have a favorite shape for that home office?”

National Journal
Emma Roller
July 16, 2014, 3:29 a.m.

As an in­ter­view­er, it takes a lot of chutzpah to cut off Hil­lary Clin­ton mid-sen­tence. But that’s ex­actly what The Daily Show‘s Jon Stew­art did Tues­day night when he sat down across from the former sec­ret­ary of State to talk about her book, Hard Choices.

The 2016 ques­tion in­ev­it­ably came up. Clin­ton even tried to pree­mpt the ques­tion this time, but her well-planned bons mots were cut off by Stew­art.

“This is a really com­plex, and well reasoned, and an eye­wit­ness view to the his­tory of those four years,” Stew­art said as star­ted off the in­ter­view. “And I think I speak for every­body when I say … no one cares; they just want to know if you’re run­ning for pres­id­ent.”

“You know, Jon, I was go­ing to make an an­nounce­ment, but I mean, you kind of spoiled it for me,” Clin­ton joked.

“So that’s a yes. I’m gonna go with that’s a yes,” Stew­art said.

Stew­art then de­livered an im­promptu pres­id­en­tial-ca­reer aptitude test to Clin­ton.

“Do you like com­mut­ing to work, or do you like a home of­fice?” he asked.

“You know, I spent so many years com­mut­ing, I’d kind of prefer a home of­fice,” Clin­ton said.

“Do you have a fa­vor­ite shape for that home of­fice?” Stew­art asked. “Would you like it to have corners, or would you like it not to have corners?”

“You know, I think that the world is so com­plic­ated, the few­er corners that you can have, the bet­ter,” Clin­ton said, to the audi­ence’s de­light.

The in­ter­view then took a meta turn when Stew­art asked Clin­ton how she deals with in­tense me­dia scru­tiny. “Do you en­joy con­stant, non­stop cri­ti­cism?” Stew­art asked her.

“En­joy is prob­ably the wrong word,” Clin­ton said. “Ex­pect? Sur­vive? Live through? It just sort of comes with the ter­rit­ory.”

Stew­art then laid out his the­ory that if Clin­ton simply told the world she was not go­ing to run for pres­id­ent, all of the cri­ti­cism would stop. Does Clin­ton agree?

“I think a lot of people would lose their jobs if it all stopped,” she said. “I’ve been amazed at what a cot­tage in­dustry it is.”