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State sen. hopefuls attack Davis on abortion, but that won’t be only GOP hit in GOV race.

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Aug. 15, 2013, 7:22 a.m.

GOP can­did­ates for state Sen. Wendy Dav­is’s (R) le­gis­lat­ive seat are already at­tack­ing her on abor­tion, fore­shad­ow­ing a ma­jor line of at­tack for At­tor­ney Gen­er­al Greg Ab­bott (R) if Dav­is chooses to op­pose him for gov­ernor. (Texas Tribune) Abor­tion will be one of Texas Re­pub­lic­ans’ main is­sues they use against Dav­is, who shot to prom­in­ence via a fili­buster of an anti-abor­tion bill in June. But it’s not the only weapon in their ar­sen­al. Oth­er top hits that Dav­is would see in the gov­ernors race in­clude:

Con­flict of in­terest al­leg­a­tions re­lated to Dav­is’s law prac­tice, its pub­lic cli­ents, and votes she has cast on state con­tracts.

Vote rat­ings on the left end (fourth-most out of 31) of the Texas state Sen­ate and also the state Sen­ate Demo­crat­ic caucus.

— A host of in­di­vidu­al budget votes from 5 years in the state Sen­ate, dur­ing which time Re­pub­lic­ans cut bil­lions from state spend­ing plans over the ob­jec­tions of le­gis­lat­ive Demo­crats. Dav­is will counter with her ef­forts to sup­port edu­ca­tion fund­ing (in­clud­ing a na­tion­ally less­er-known fili­buster a few years ago) and oth­er in­di­vidu­al pro­grams.

Also, as Dav­is will need to broaden her pub­lic im­age past the abor­tion fili­buster if she runs, Dal­las Morn­ing News colum­nist Carl Leubsdorf ar­gued that Dav­is missed an op­por­tun­ity to boost busi­ness cre­den­tials by sid­ing with Ft. Worth-based Amer­ic­an Air­lines (and against Ab­bott) by pub­licly op­pos­ing the block­ing of the AA-US Air­ways mer­ger. (Dal­las Morn­ing News)

Right now, Dav­is’s statewide im­age is tied up in her abor­tion fili­buster and the en­su­ing hub­bub. But that’s not the is­sue that helped her win a GOP-lean­ing state Sen­ate dis­trict.

Mean­while, loc­al Demo­crats are act­ively re­cruit­ing po­ten­tial re­place­ment can­did­ates in Dav­is’s dis­trict. (Dal­las Morn­ing News) And Dav­is is the sub­ject of a “glow­ing” Vogue pro­file that high­lights her per­son­al bio­graphy. (Politico)
— Scott Bland

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