Syria Non Sequiturs

The strangest, most nakedly political appropriations of the situation in Syria.

Newt Gingrich speaks at the Conservative Political Action Conference, CPAC, 2011 at the Washington Marriott at Wardman Park on Thursday, February 10, 2011.
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Lucia Graves
Sept. 4, 2013, 4:15 a.m.

What does Syr­ia have in com­mon with gun con­trol, Obama­care, and the Key­stone XL pipeline? Less than polit­ic­al pun­dits would have you be­lieve.

After Pres­id­ent Obama first an­nounced his in­tent to strike Syr­ia over the use of chem­ic­al weapons, politicos were quick to de­mand con­gres­sion­al ransoms. Law­makers and pun­dits have sug­ges­ted any vote on mil­it­ary in­ter­ven­tion in Syr­ia be tied to a whole host of un­re­lated polit­ic­al pri­or­it­ies. A few of the most out­land­ish sug­ges­tions are be­low.

De­fund Obama­care

Con­ser­vat­ive blog­ger Er­ick Er­ick­son, who ap­pears to have for­got­ten that he is not in fact a mem­ber of Con­gress, piled on. Er­ick­son tweeted Tues­day:

Mr. Pres­id­ent, you con­sider de­fund­ing Obama­care, I’ll con­sider vot­ing for your cruise mis­siles to Syr­ia.

— Er­ick Er­ick­son (@EW­Er­ick­son), Sept. 3

Ap­prove the Key­stone XL

Newt Gin­grich wasted no time in push­ing House lead­er­ship to at­tach war-au­thor­iz­a­tion votes to for­cing the ap­prov­al of the con­tro­ver­sial Key­stone XL oil pipeline.

House GOP should com­bine Key­stone Pipeline and Syr­ia in­to one up or down vote. Lets see who wants war while op­pos­ing Amer­ic­an en­ergy.

— Newt Gin­grich (@newtgin­grich), Aug. 29

The polit­ics of the move are simple: Demo­crats would be loath to vote against Obama in his bid to up­hold in­ter­na­tion­al war stand­ards but equally un­will­ing to vote in fa­vor of Key­stone, a pro­ject that’s ana­thema to their en­vir­on­ment­al base. Nev­er mind that the policies have vir­tu­ally noth­ing to do with one an­oth­er, as Na­tion­al Journ­al pre­vi­ously re­por­ted.

Pass Gun-Con­trol Le­gis­la­tion

Gen­er­al Hos­pit­al act­ress Nancy Lee Grahn used the mo­ment to call for great­er gun con­trol in the United States.

Bashar al-As­sad kills 1000’s with chem­ic­al weapons, We kill hun­dreds of thou­sands without gun con­trol in US. Im sorry, I don’t get it.

— Nancy Lee Grahn (@NancyL­ee­Grahn), Aug. 30

Lee has been out­spoken in polit­ic­al mat­ters from abor­tion to LGBT rights and in 2000 or­gan­ized a tele­vi­sion con­fer­ence for fel­low Demo­crat­ic day­time stars titled “Day­time for Gore/Lieber­man.”

She ap­pears to have since de­leted the tweets from her ac­count but not be­fore fur­ther con­tex­tu­al­iz­ing her call for gun con­trol as it, er, per­tains to Syr­ia:

BTW I am for stop­ping Bashar al-as­sad. I just wish the hy­po­crisy in the US would stop.

— Nancy Lee Grahn (@NancyL­ee­Grahn), Aug. 30

Cor­rec­tion: A quo­ta­tion at­trib­uted to Sen. Ted Cruz in an earli­er ver­sion of this story in fact came from a par­ody site and did not re­flect an ac­tu­al com­ment by the sen­at­or.

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