Rapping American Terrorist Killed by Terrorists

American born Islamist militant fighter Omar Hamammi, known as Abu Mansur Al-Amriki.
National Journal
Matt Vasilogambros
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Matt Vasilogambros
Sept. 12, 2013, 6:49 a.m.

Mem­bers of a Qaida-af­fil­i­ated group in Somalia killed an Amer­ic­an-born Is­lam­ic mil­it­ant Thursday. But this wasn’t just any mil­it­ant. This one was known for his raps.

Once part of al-Shabaab in Somalia, Omar Hammami — also known as Abu Mansoor al-Am­riki (“the Amer­ic­an”) — had a fall­ing out with some of the group’s top com­mand­ers, lead­ing to an ap­par­ent as­sas­sin­a­tion at­tempt on him in April. Since then, he’s been on the run, and tweet­ing about his troubles.

He was born in Alabama and is flu­ent in Somali; he joined the group in 2006 when he was 22. He be­came an in­flu­en­tial lead­er, fight­ing against a West­ern-backed gov­ern­ment in Somalia. In 2012, he was ad­ded to the FBI’s Most Wanted Ter­ror­ist list with a $5 mil­lion bounty on his head.

But what got him more at­ten­tion were his pro­pa­ganda videos that con­tained some ob­ject­ively pretty ter­rible rap songs, with no beats and with lyr­ics about ji­had and killing West­ern forces.

Like this one, called “First Stop Ad­dis,” with lyr­ics such as:

From Mogadishu, first stop Ad­dis, 

gonna knock Amer­ica down to her knees. 

Bet­ter call Zenawi, Bush, and Con­doleez, 

Mar­ines, Army, Navy, and the po­lice.

Or this one, called “Make Ji­had with Me,” rap­ping about:

At­tack Amer­ica now, mar­tyr­dom or vic­tory. 

We’re tak­ing Nairobi to Ad­dis, 

Para­dise in­side, 

come on, Muslim broth­er, bring your money or your life.

For­eign Policy has a com­pil­a­tion of rap songs from vari­ous Is­lam­ic mil­it­ants.

Hammami’s rap ca­reer is ap­par­ently over now, however, as al-Shabaab mil­it­ants caught up with him and his col­league, Usama al-Brit­ani, a Brit­ish na­tion­al, in a dawn raid in the south­ern Somali vil­lage of al Baate, Re­u­ters re­ports.

But for good meas­ure, he’s an­oth­er one of Hammami’s clas­sics, “Blow By Blow.”

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