Hugya spokesperson threatens legal action against website via LinkedIn message.

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Sept. 12, 2013, 7:13 a.m.

Former Rep. John Murtha chief of staff John Hugya’s (D) cam­paign spokes­per­son is “threat­en­ing to sue” the state polit­ic­al web­site “Key­stone Polit­ics” and fol­low (its writers) “’[]our en­tire ca­reer,’ and ‘be at every leg­al step’ to pre­vent [the au­thor] from be­ing ad­mit­ted to the Pennsylvania bar” in a series of Linked­In mes­sages after the site re­por­ted that the spokes­per­son “had a checkered polit­ic­al” and crim­in­al his­tory. “In the ori­gin­al art­icle about Hugya spokes­per­son Mi­chael Duga, Key­stone Polit­ics cited to re­ports from the Bo­ston Globe and the Martha’s Vine­yard Gaz­ette de­scrib­ing Duga’s ac­tions at a 2007 fun­draiser for John Ed­wards in which he snuck in, ab­sconded with per­son­al items, and was ar­res­ted the next day after en­ter­ing Na­tion­al Guard prop­erty. Mul­tiple news sources re­por­ted that Duga was in a stolen car and pos­sessed drugs at the time. Oth­er news sources re­por­ted that he later plead guilty to tres­pass” and de­scribed oth­er past crim­in­al of­fenses. (Key­stone Polit­ics)
Scott Bland