Play of the Day: The TV News Wrongnado Strikes Again

National Journal
Sept. 18, 2013, 4:34 a.m.

When break­ing news hap­pens, you can al­ways count on cable net­works to get it wrong. Jon Stew­art’s Daily Show points out that they nev­er really learn from their mis­takes.

Plus, Vice Pres­id­ent Joe Biden’s stop in Iowa this past week­end has led some to spec­u­late about a pos­sible pres­id­en­tial run in 2016. 

And Steph­en Col­bert’s latest ad­vice to dic­tat­ors: get your­self an Amer­ic­an celebrity to cel­eb­rate your birth­day. If the celeb is any­thing like Kanye West, they might not mind the hu­man rights vi­ol­a­tions. 

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