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Obama Talks, and Cruz Won’t Stop Talking Obamacare

Obama kicks off the U.N. General Assembly, and Ted Cruz refuses to shut up.

National Journal
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Sept. 25, 2013, 4:42 a.m.

Late-night weighs in on how Pres­id­ent Obama should con­duct him­self at the U.N. Gen­er­al As­sembly. Pro-tip: hand­shake etiquette is key. 

Plus, Texas Sen­at­or Ted Cruz ‘fili­busters’ the night away. He’s on a mis­sion to de­fund Obama­care, and he won’t sit down or shut up un­til he gets what he— and the rest of the Grand Ol’ Party— wants. Sarah Pal­in can’t help but give her full and un­dy­ing sup­port.