Park Service Leader to Face GOP Grilling

National Park Service Director Jonathan Jarvis.
National Journal
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Alex Brown
Oct. 15, 2013, 2:46 a.m.

Na­tion­al Park Ser­vice Dir­ect­or Jonath­an Jar­vis will have to de­fend his agency Wed­nes­day against GOP claims that it ac­ted polit­ic­ally to make the shut­down’s ef­fects more pain­ful than ne­ces­sary. Jar­vis is among the wit­nesses sched­uled to testi­fy at a hear­ing on the Park Ser­vice’s shut­down pro­ced­ures, re­ports The Hill.

The House Over­sight and Gov­ern­ment Re­form Com­mit­tee an­nounced the wit­nesses for the joint hear­ing it is hold­ing with the House Nat­ur­al Re­sources Com­mit­tee. Last week, some na­tion­al parks were al­lowed to re­open, provided states paid for their op­er­at­ing costs.