Gas to Fall Below $3 a Gallon?

Gas prices, thanks to diminished demand, are dropping close to the $3 a gallon threshold.
National Journal
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Alex Brown
Oct. 25, 2013, 3:09 a.m.

In some areas around Hou­s­ton, Fuel Fix re­ports, gas­ol­ine has already dropped be­low the $3-a-gal­lon threshold. And that num­ber could keep fall­ing.

Lowered de­mand for gas­ol­ine couple with abund­ant sup­ply means prices will likely con­tin­ue to fall as colder weath­er lim­its ex­tens­ive trips. Na­tion­ally, a gal­lon of gas av­er­ages $3.33, 30 cents cheap­er than a year ago. That num­ber could drop to $3.20 shortly, some ana­lysts say.