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Tippins Says More Cagle Recordings to Come

Massie and Gonzalez received public campaign funding.

July 13, 2018, 11:02 a.m.

FL GOV: First son “Donald Trump Jr. is in Florida next week to campaign with" Reps. Matt Gaetz (R) and Ron DeSantis (R). The rally will be held on Aug. 2. (Tampa Bay Times)

GA GOV: “Georgia voters can expect to hear more snippets from a secretly-recorded conversation with Lt. Gov. Casey Cagle (R) in the days ahead of the July 24 Republican gubernatorial runoff, according to” former Navy SEAL Clay Tippins.

Tippins: "Yeah, there will be more things released. … I’m a conservative, I love my Republican Party, and I don’t want Stacey Abrams as my governor … and I clearly don’t want Casey Cagle as my governor because I think he lacks conviction. … Of course I want Brian Kemp to be my governor. He sought my endorsement about the same time Casey Cagle did, and I told him, ‘Brian, I hope you win.’ I said, ‘I’m going to do something that’s going to indirectly help you. … I said, ‘I’m not sure you’ll want my endorsement when I’m done. And I don’t want to endorse you until I’m done with my mission.’” (McClatchy)

Incoming NRA President Oliver North will be in Georgia on Saturday to campaign with Cagle. The two will hold rallies in Savannah, Kennesaw, and Gainesville. (release)

HI GOV: Former Gov. George Ariyoshi (D) endorsed Rep. Colleen Hanabusa (D) on Wednesday.

Ariyoshi: "Even at my advanced age, I consider myself a futurist and have great concern for the future of Hawai‘i. I endorsed [Gov. David Ige] four years ago because I believed he would make Kaka‘ako a major place for locals to live, take advantage of opportunities before us to be a world leader in aerospace, and strengthen the East-West Center to its potential as an anchor of U.S. and Pacific nations … these prospects and others have begun to slip away.” (Maui Now)

KS GOV: Planned Parenthood Great Plains Votes endorsed state Sen. Laura Kelly (D).

Former state Agriculture Secretary Josh Svaty (D) has recently been touting himself as a supporter of abortion rights, saying at a debate Wednesday night, “One thing we’ve learned about women’s health over the last hundred years is you can never make abortion illegal, you can only limit access to safe abortion. I would always trust women to make their own health decisions.”

Sweet took issue with that, saying “A record is far more important than rhetoric. While (Svaty) can say he trusts women, he has a record of voting for policies that we believe are really extremist in nature, and he’s tried to sort of dodge this issue, as opposed to addressing it head on.” (Kansas City Star)

Thursday’s Republican debate became testy between Secretary of State Kris Kobach (R) and Gov. Jeff Colyer (R), as the two traded barbs. Colyer hit Kobach for his judicial troubles in the previous year.

“Kobach was fined $1,000 last year for misleading the court and faced additional sanctions from the court this year, including court-mandated classes on legal procedure, after a federal judge struck down the state’s proof of citizenship law, a policy crafted by Kobach.”

Colyer: “Integrity is an issue for Republicans and there is only one candidate on this stage who has been fined by a federal judge for lying."

Kobach took aim at Colyer on illegal immigration: “There’s been no leadership from the governor’s office. ... We are the sanctuary state of the Midwest.” (Kansas City Star)

MA GOV: “The Democrats vying to unseat Gov. Charlie Baker (R) just got a welcome cash infusion thanks to the state's public financing system. But while it's helpful in the primary, don't expect the public cash to create enough of a boost for” environmentalist Bob Massie and state budget chief Jay Gonzalez (D) “to overcome Baker's $8.4 million in his campaign account.”

“Massie, who recently loaned his campaign another $20,000, told the Globe the latest personal loan was made to ‘tide us over until the public funding comes through.’ Now, the public financing has arrived, delivering $137,270 on top of the $29,000 in his campaign account as of the end of June. This brings Massie's campaign account to just over $165,000.”

Massie: The cash “will cover all of our core expenses through the primary and after. … anything after this can now be put towards some innovative ideas for both our GOTV strategy along with our visibility and outreach campaigns." (Politico)

NY GOV: Actress Cynthia Nixon (D) “on Thursday said she submitted 65,000 petition signatures to qualify for a Democratic gubernatorial primary — far more than the 15,000 necessary.”

“Thursday was the deadline for filing petitions to qualify for the Sept. 13 primary.” Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D) “received the official nomination of the state Democratic committee at its May convention and, therefore, doesn’t need to file petitions. His campaign, which could try to sue to nullify enough of Nixon’s petitions to keep her off the ballot, didn’t immediately comment Thursday.” (Newsday)

PA GOV: Gov. Tom Wolf (D) and former state Sen. Scott Wagner (R) scuffled over school funding, with Wagner accusing Wolf of attempting to cut funding to some districts and the governor pushing back against that claim.

Wolf had previously been quoted as saying Pennsylvania needed a “fair funding formula” when it comes to money for school districts. But he had never indicated when such a change should occur or how it would take place.
Wagner said Wolf intended to shift the funds allocated for school aid using a 2015 legislature approved formula that “was designed to favor poorer districts and districts with growing student populations, after a quarter-century of school-funding formulas that did not entirely account for shifts in wealth or population while protecting shrinking districts.”

“The new formula has thus far applied to increases in school aid approved since then, or about $539 million. But redirecting the $5.5 billion in pre-existing annual school aid into the new formula would mean shifting nearly $1.2 billion from 357 school districts to the other 143 districts, according to an Associated Press analysis.”

Wagner: “Gov. Wolf believes it’s OK to take education dollars meant for students in three-quarters of our school districts in Pennsylvania and use them to reward the people who voted for him.”

Wolf: “I am a strong education governor, I will continue to be a strong education governor, and any suggestion that I want to take any money out of public education is absurd, it’s just complete nonsense.” (AP)

Wagner’s most recent ad uses stock footage filmed in South Africa to represent “struggling Pennsylvania families.”

“Stock video in campaign ads is nothing new, but according to the stock video site Motion Elements, this footage (“Stressed Man calculating his bills”) was filmed in Cape Town, South Africa with South African actors.”

Wagner campaign spokesman Andrew Romeo: “Campaigns use stock photos all of the time in commercials. If the Pittsburgh City Paper was really interested in informing its readership on substantive issues, it would focus on Tom Wolf's plan to cut $67.9 million from the Pittsburgh City School District."

Wolf campaign spokeswoman Beth Melena: “Governor Wolf has fully restored the $1 billion cut to education made under the Corbett administration that led to teacher layoffs, larger class sizes, and cuts to important programs." (Pittsburgh City Paper)

TN GOV: The conservative editorial page at the Chattanooga Times Free Press endorsed businessman Bill Lee (R).

Editorial board: “Of the four [candidates], we believe Franklin businessman Bill Lee offers a history of running and growing a company, the experience of being a fourth-generation farmer and an outsider's perspective on the office of governor.” (Chattanooga Times Free Press)

Early voting started Friday and runs through July 28. The primary is Aug. 2.

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