Second Report Says Global Emissions Pace Too High

Global temperature hikes are inevitable without large near-term emissions cutbacks, says a new report.
National Journal
Alex Brown
Nov. 12, 2013, 3:57 a.m.

A second re­port in two weeks warns that Earth’s emis­sions are on pace to ex­ceed levels that could lead to the most dan­ger­ous con­sequences of cli­mate change, re­ports The Hill

One week after a United Na­tions re­port found emis­sions by 2020 will put us on a hard-to-re­verse course to tem­per­at­ure hikes, the In­ter­na­tion­al En­ergy Agency is echo­ing that mes­sage. Most sci­ent­ists be­lieve we need to keep tem­per­at­ure rise be­low 2 de­grees Celsi­us in this cen­tury to avoid the most dan­ger­ous con­sequences; the IEA re­port says we’re on pace to hit 3.6 de­grees.

Even with cli­mate pro­grams in many parts of the world to re­duce green­house-gas emis­sions, car­bon emis­sions are ex­pec­ted to rise 20 per­cent by 2035, the re­port says.