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CO-06's Coffman, NJ-05's Garrett Among Incumbents Outraised

In NY-22, Babinec gave his campaign a $1.2 million loan.

Oct. 17, 2016, 9:35 a.m.

Third-quarter fundraising reports were due Saturday. Here are the numbers from the districts ranked as “toss-ups” in the Cook Political Report. All totals cover the period July 1 through Sept. 30, unless otherwise noted. Asterisks indicate a race in which the incumbent was outraised.

AZ-01 (Aug. 11-Sept. 30): Pinal County Sheriff Paul Babeu (R) - $364,000 raised; $390,000 spent; $90,000 CoH (FEC)

Former state Sen. Tom O’Halleran (D) - $326,000 raised; $498,000 spent; $300,000 CoH (FEC)

*CA-25: Rep. Steve Knight (R) - $341,000 raised; $493,000 spent; $479,000 CoH (FEC)

Attorney Bryan Caforio (D) - $620,000 raised; $532,000 spent; $226,000 CoH (FEC)

CA-49: Rep. Darrell Issa (R) - $851,000 raised; $1.6 million spent; $3 million CoH (FEC)

Attorney Doug Applegate (D) - $606,000 raised; $574,000 spent; $167,000 CoH (FEC)

*CO-06: Rep. Mike Coffman (R) - $742,000 raised; $1.3 million spent; $1.1 million CoH (FEC)

State Sen. Morgan Carroll (D) - $800,000 raised; $1.4 million spent; $316,000 CoH (FEC)

FL-07 (Aug. 11-Sept. 30): Rep. John Mica (R) - $401,000 raised; $90,000 spent; $1.1 million CoH (FEC)

Business professor Stephanie Murphy (D) - $393,000 raised, including a $5,000 personal loan; $380,000 spent; $167,000 CoH (FEC)

FL-18: (Aug. 11-Sept. 30): Army veteran Brian Mast (R) - $661,000 raised; $420,000 spent; $415,000 CoH (FEC)

Natural-disaster recovery CEO Randy Perkins (D) - $2.8 million raised in candidate loans and contributions; $3.3 million spent; $277,000 CoH (FEC)

FL-26 (Aug. 11-Sept. 30): Rep. Carlos Curbelo (R) - $510,000 raised; $1.2 million spent; $1.3 million CoH (FEC)

Former Rep. Joe Garcia (D) - $382,000 raised; $334,000 spent; $354,000 CoH (FEC)

*IA-01: Rep. Rod Blum (R) - $484,000 raised; $1 million spent; $894,000 CoH (FEC)

Former Cedar Rapids City Councilwoman Monica Vernon (D) - $625,000 raised; $795,000 spent; $184,000 CoH (FEC)

IL-10: Rep. Bob Dold (R) - $1.1 million raised; $1.2 million spent; $2.3 million CoH (FEC)

Former Rep. Brad Schneider (D) - $1 million raised; $1.7 million spent; $299,000 CoH (FEC)

*ME-02: Rep. Bruce Poliquin (R) - $501,000 raised; $1 million spent; $1.6 million CoH (FEC)

Former state Sen. Emily Cain (D) - $1.1 million raised; $1.3 million spent; $955,000 CoH (FEC)

MN-02 (July 21-Sept. 30): former radio show host Jason Lewis (R) - $328,000 raised; $379,000 spent; $57,000 CoH (FEC)

Businesswoman Angie Craig (D) - $866,000 raised; $1.7 million spent; $904,000 CoH (FEC)

*NE-02: Rep. Brad Ashford (D) - $484,000 raised; $1.5 million spent; $200,000 CoH (FEC)

Retired Brig. Gen. Don Bacon (R) - $534,000 raised; $346,000 spent; $370,000 CoH (FEC)

*NJ-05: Rep. Scott Garrett (R) - $540,000 raised; $1.2 million spent; $2.1 million CoH (FEC)

Former Clinton speechwriter Josh Gottheimer (D) - $1.1 million raised; $989,000 spent; $2.6 million CoH (FEC)

NY-19: Former assemblyman John Faso (R) - $922,000 raised; $714,000 spent; $356,000 CoH (FEC)

Former gubernatorial candidate Zephyr Teachout (D) - $1.6 million raised; $1.3 million spent; $1.5 million CoH (FEC)

NY-22: Assemblywoman Claudia Tenney (R) - $350,000 raised; $186,000 spent; $169,000 CoH (FEC)

Broome County Legislator Kim Myers (D) - $702,000 raised, including a $300,000 personal loan; $814,000 spent; $421,000 CoH (FEC)

Businessman Martin Babinec (I) - $1.2 million raised in personal loans; $903,000 spent; $530,000 CoH (FEC)

NV-03: Perennial candidate Danny Tarkanian (R) - $548,000 raised; $438,000 spent; $300,000 CoH (FEC)

Synagogue president Jacky Rosen (D) - $587,000 raised; $373,000 spent; $446,000 CoH (FEC)

PA-08: Former FBI agent Brian Fitzpatrick (R) - $747,000 raised; $904,000 spent; $533,000 CoH (FEC)

State Rep. Steve Santarsiero (D) - $650,000 raised; $814,000 spent; $228,00 CoH (FEC)

TX-23: Rep. Will Hurd (R) - $906,000 raised; $1.5 million spent; $1.1 million CoH (FEC)

Former Rep. Pete Gallego (D) - $474,000 raised; $825,000 spent; $431,000 CoH (FEC)

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