Joe Biden Attends Auto Show, Pulls Multiple Joe Bidens

National Journal
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Matt Vasilogambros
Jan. 16, 2014, 7:38 a.m.

If we’ve learned any­thing from The Onion, it’s that Joe Biden loves a good, Amer­ic­an-made car.

So when the vice pres­id­ent made his way to De­troit for the North Amer­ic­an In­ter­na­tion­al Auto Show, you knew some clas­sic Biden mo­ments were in or­der.

Here are five such mo­ments, ac­cord­ing to press pool re­ports:

  • Sit­ting in some new mod­els of the Jeep Cher­o­kee and Chrysler 200, he joked to sur­round­ing re­port­ers that he might run them over. “I am driv­ing it off,” said the flam­boy­ant No. 2.
  • Ford did not seek a gov­ern­ment bail­out like oth­er Amer­ic­an auto­makers dur­ing the 2008 auto crisis. So, the veep wanted to show his ap­pre­ci­ation to the com­pany. “Thank you for sav­ing our ass,” he told Ex­ec­ut­ive Chair­man Bill Ford Jr.
  • After sit­ting in a new red Mus­tang, Biden lamen­ted that he’d have to leave pretty soon. “I’m like a kid in a candy shop,” the vice pres­id­ent said.
  • Ford’s ex­ec­ut­ive chair­man no­ticed Biden’s ex­cite­ment and said that Biden might take a few of these cars back to Wash­ing­ton. “I think he’s driv­ing back in one,” Ford joked.
  • We’ll let De­troit News re­port­er Dav­id Shep­ard­son de­scribe this fi­nal scene for him­self: “Biden owns a clas­sic Cor­vette that he keeps at his home in Delaware. He sat be­hind the wheel of a yel­low Z06 and a red Cor­vette Stin­gray. [Gen­er­al Mo­tors CEO Mary] Barra told him at length about the tech­no­logy en­hance­ments in the new Cor­vette. ‘Tech­no­logy mat­ters,’ he yelled out to the press corps.”