The Latest Rob Ford Video Is Just as Cringe-Worthy as the Rest

Footage of the scandal-ridden Toronto mayor released Tuesday suggests he has not changed his lifestyle, as promised last year.

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford.
National Journal
Marina Koren
Jan. 21, 2014, 11:46 a.m.

Last year, after his drug scan­dal erup­ted in in­ter­na­tion­al news, Rob Ford vowed to stop drink­ing. Now, new foot­age sug­gests the Toronto may­or may not have kept his res­ol­u­tion.

It is dif­fi­cult to make out ex­actly what Ford is say­ing in the video, pub­lished Tues­day on You­Tube. But it does look as if the may­or is un­der the in­flu­ence of something dur­ing his minute-long tirade, re­portedly re­cor­ded Monday at a steak­house in Rexdale, a Toronto neigh­bor­hood.

The video is titled “New Video of Toronto May­or Rob Ford Drunk, Swear­ing in Ja­maic­an Patois? Bum­baclot.” Ja­maic­an patois is a West Afric­an-in­flu­enced creole lan­guage spoken primar­ily in Ja­maica.

Ford con­firmed Tues­day that he had been drink­ing Monday night, but did not find his be­ha­vi­or in the video to be of­fens­ive.

“Ob­vi­ously that’s him,” Ford’s broth­er Doug, who has con­tinu­ally de­fen­ded the may­or, had said earli­er when re­port­ers showed him the video Tues­day. However, the Ford who ap­pears in the video looks much heav­ier than the may­or does now, his broth­er said, sug­gest­ing the foot­age is not re­cent. “Be­gin­ning in Novem­ber, he hasn’t taken a drink,” Doug said.

The pub­lic’s fas­cin­a­tion with Ford, known for his ag­gress­ive per­son­al­ity, shock­ing one-liners, and grow­ing trove of in­crim­in­at­ing videos, may have lulled in the United States. But up north, the may­or has not left the spot­light. Through a free­dom-of-in­form­a­tion re­quest, the Toronto Sun has ob­tained thou­sands of pages of emails from Ford’s staffers dur­ing the time of his crack co­caine scan­dal, which broke last spring, ac­cord­ing to a Monday re­port.

h/t Daniel Dale