Valentines for Washington

Politicians aren’t writing each other love notes, so we did it for them.

An imaginary Valentine. Love, Senate leadership.
National Journal
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Feb. 14, 2014, 7:05 a.m.

What polit­ic­ans should be send­ing one an­oth­er this Valentine’s Day.

@Speak­er Boehner to @House­GOP

Will you be mine? Check __ Yes, __ No.

@Team_Mitch to @Sen­ate_GOPs

Send­ing flowers to those who joined me on the debt ceil­ing. To the rest, good luck with Matt Bev­in.

@Rep­PaulRy­an to @P90X

My love for you is like the en­ti­tle­ment sys­tem, long-last­ing and grow­ing un­sus­tain­ably.

@John­Cornyn to @Stock­manSen­ate

Roses are red, vi­ol­ets are blue, I’ve been here 12 years, you’re go­ing to lose.

@Hil­laryC­lin­ton to @Sen­Rand­Paul

“You shouldn’t have. Really.”

@Speak­er­Boehner to @Sec­JackLew

With the debt ceil­ing gone, you’ll still write me, right? Right?

@Con­gress to @Amer­ica

Even though you hate us more than Nick­el­back, thanks for keep elect­ing us.

@Gov­Christie to @Spring­steen

My love for you is stronger than the storm.

@Team_Mitch to @Sen­at­or­Reid

When I called you “my friend” I really meant it. Hon­est.

@JoeBiden to @NoOneIn­Par­tic­u­lar

How’s mom?

@Hil­laryC­lin­ton to @2016

Be Mine.

@2016 to @Gov­ernorOMal­ley

I truly have no idea who you are.

@SenS­cottBrown to @NHGOP

O, my love is like the red, red of Bob Cos­t­as’s eyes, blind­ing and de­bil­it­at­ing.

Post­script: At least one sen­at­or has sent a real Valentine’s Day tweet.