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Peter Bell, Sarah Mimms and Michael Catalini
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Peter Bell Sarah Mimms and Michael Catalini
June 18, 2014, 4 p.m.

Q: Who do you think will be the Re­pub­lic­an nom­in­ee in 2016?

DEMO­CRATS (90 votes)

Jeb Bush: 54%
Chris Christie: 2%
Ted Cruz: 1%
Bobby Jin­dal: 0%
John Kasich: 8%
Rand Paul: 10%
Mike Pence: 2%
Rick Perry: 4%
Marco Ru­bio: 2%
Paul Ry­an: 9%
Rick San­tor­um: 3%
Scott Walk­er: 4%
Oth­er: 1%

… … … .

Jeb Bush

Jeb Bush (Getty Im­ages)”If Bush runs, he has a bet­ter than 50-50 chance of get­ting the nom­in­a­tion.”

“The need to have a cred­ible can­did­ate will trump the oth­ers in the clown car.”

“It will be a tough ride. He is the es­tab­lish­ment fa­vor­ite, and they will win.”

“If he runs, he’ll be the nom­in­ee.”

“The GOP is tired of los­ing, and they will go with the es­tab­lish­ment can­did­ate.”

“If Jeb res­ists the urge to join the ‘me-too’ chants of the far-right can­did­ates, he can sur­vive the slug­fest and be­come a for­mid­able nom­in­ee. If not, it’s a jump ball.”

“There’s an­oth­er Bush in our polit­ic­al fu­ture.”

“They love the Bushes.”

John Kasich

“Kasich may be the true com­pas­sion­ate con­ser­vat­ive who can ap­peal broadly.”

“A per­son­able gov­ernor who has run be­fore and from Ohio, Ohio, Ohio.”

“This will be a de­moli­tion derby — Kasich may take it if Jeb stays in the stands.”

Rand Paul

“He has a base.”

“Re­pub­lic­ans will go where their heart is, and it’s all Paul.”

“He’s the smartest polit­ic­ally, and craft­i­est. He’s everything his fath­er wasn’t.”

Paul Ry­an

 “It has to be someone who can stand the scru­tiny. Ry­an had already stood the test.”

Scott Walk­er

“Bush will get cold feet or go all Gi­uliani. Paul is too weird, Ru­bio is too lame, and the rest are either noth­ing-bur­gers or freaks.”

“With Jeb play­ing Ham­let and Christie play­ing God­fath­er, the GOP es­tab­lish­ment will even­tu­ally co­alesce be­hind Scott Walk­er. The es­tab­lish­ment will not let the oth­ers win.”


“Rick Scott from Flor­ida.”

Q: Who do you think will be the Re­pub­lic­an nom­in­ee in 2016?

RE­PUB­LIC­ANS (92 votes)

Jeb Bush: 44%
Chris Christie: 11%
Ted Cruz: 2%
Bobby Jin­dal: 1%
John Kasich: 4%
Rand Paul: 2%
Mike Pence: 1%
Rick Perry: 1%
Marco Ru­bio: 22%
Paul Ry­an: 3%
Rick San­tor­um: 0%
Scott Walk­er: 8%
Oth­er: 1%

… … … .

Jeb Bush

“If it’s not him, we are doomed.”

“If the Clin­ton name isn’t dis­qual­i­fy­ing, neither is the Bush name.”

“The most adult can­did­ate — and prob­ably the best of all the Bushes.”

“Best fits the pro­file of all GOP primary win­ners for the past three dec­ades.”

“As gov­ernor, Bush was known in con­ser­vat­ive circles as ‘the Re­agan Bush.’ If he can re­vive that iden­tity, he can unite the party.”

“Jeb Bush with Rand Paul as VP.”

“This is more of a ‘should be’ rather than a ‘will be’ pick.”

Chris Christie

“Christie emerges from the over-hyped bridge-clos­ing is­sue and shows Re­pub­lic­ans what a full-spec­trum con­ser­vat­ive can ac­com­plish when prag­mat­ism and mov­ing the ball for­ward tri­umphs over lit­mus tests that keep us from even break­ing the huddle.”

“He is still re­cov­er­ing, but the Dems wer­en’t able to sink him.”

“Only Bush and Christie have a chance against Hil­lary.”

Ted Cruz

“After los­ing their shirts in this year’s primary battles, the ex­treme ele­ments of the party will rise up and take over the pres­id­en­tial nom­in­at­ing con­test and start the jour­ney to the most over­whelm­ing gen­er­al-elec­tion de­feat in the coun­try’s his­tory.”

Bobby Jin­dal

“Jin­dal has demon­strated elect­or­al suc­cess in tough cir­cum­stances, has the most com­pel­ling story, is ideo­lo­gic­ally sound, and is the smartest one of the bunch.”

John Kasich

“Kasich’s brash prag­mat­ism has won over many Demo­crats in this crit­ic­al swing state. If he’s reelec­ted gov­ernor in Novem­ber, look out.”

Mike Pence

“Great story and keeps all the dif­fer­ent parts of the GOP [to­geth­er].”

Rick Perry

“Perry will pull a Nix­on and re­bound from a sear­ing de­feat to unite both wings of the party.”

Sen. Marco Ru­bio (Getty Im­ages)Marco Ru­bio

“Ru­bio’s polit­ic­al skills will gradu­ally over­come his dis­astrous flir­ta­tion with am­nesty.”

“Vis­ion, en­ergy, youth. Ru­bio is the fu­ture of the party, today.”

“Ru­bio could emerge as the more dis­cip­lined can­did­ate than Christie and with a bet­ter abil­ity to unite base voters and mod­er­ates than the rest of the field.”

“Pick­ing Ru­bio re­quires two as­sump­tions: 1) Jeb is out; 2) We want to keep a loss to Hil­lary to 3 points.”

Paul Ry­an

“He is tested and ac­cept­able to all fac­tions and gen­er­a­tion­ally right.”

“He’s a genu­inely smart per­son and a genu­ine con­ser­vat­ive. He’ll plug along, while the prima don­nas tear each oth­er up … and come out the win­ner.”

Scott Walk­er

“But is he Tim Pawlenty 2.0: great résumé that does not trans­late out­side his state?”

“Checks all the boxes. Won con­sist­ently in a swing state, fought hard on con­ser­vat­ive prin­ciples and pre­vailed.”


“This [ques­tion is] about a year pre­ma­ture. Might as well throw a dart.”

… … … .

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