Senator Wants Justin Bieber Deported

Virginia’s Mark Warner is no Belieber.

Justin Bieber's arrest isn't the only controversy giving Canadian officials headaches.
National Journal
Elahe Izad
Feb. 4, 2014, 6:20 a.m.

Sen. Mark Warner is not a Be­lieber. 

Al­though the white­ pe­ti­tion to de­port Ca­na­dian pop star Justin Bieber has already sur­passed the 100,000-sig­na­ture threshold that trig­gers a White House re­sponse, the Demo­crat from Vir­gin­ia told FM 99 he wants to add his name. “As a dad with three daugh­ters, is there some place I can sign?”

Then Warner fol­lowed up with this gem of a tweet:

Want­ing to kick Bieber out of the coun­try is a safe move for any politi­cian run­ning for reelec­tion in 2014, as Warner is, giv­en how much vot­ing-age Amer­ic­ans don’t like the guy. Check out the 2013, pre-DUI sur­vey res­ults from Demo­crat­ic-lean­ing Pub­lic Policy Polling: 54 per­cent of Amer­ic­ans said they had an un­fa­vor­able view of Bieber. Not only that, but his un­pop­ular­ity was uni­ver­sal across party lines. Hat­ing on Justin Bieber may be the bridge that unites this di­vided coun­try.