The Army Is Looking for Someone to Mine Your Tweets

Twitter probably won't be crashing during the State of the Union this year.
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Bob Brewin, Nextgov
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Bob Brewin, Nextgov
Feb. 13, 2014, 4:55 a.m.

The Army wants a con­tract­or to con­duct de­tailed so­cial me­dia data min­ing to “identi­fy vi­ol­ent ex­trem­ist in­flu­ences” around the world that could af­fect the European Com­mand, re­spons­ible for op­er­a­tions in Europe as well as Ice­land, Is­rael, Green­land and Rus­sia.

Though the pro­ject is clas­si­fied Secret, an Army con­tract shop in Europe pos­ted a wealth of in­form­a­tion on the Fed­BizO­ps con­tract web­site Tues­day.

The data min­ing con­tract, which has the very long title of “So­cial Me­dia Data-min­ing, Loc­al­ized Re­search, Mar­ket Audi­ence Ana­lys­is, and Nar­row­cast En­gage­ment Re­quire­ments,” will sup­port both the European Com­mand and Spe­cial Op­er­a­tions Com­mand Europe.

In its re­quest for in­form­a­tion, the Army said it wants a con­tract­or to “provide de­tailed so­cial me­dia re­search and ana­lys­is, on-the-ground nat­ive re­search and ana­lys­is, and cus­tom­ized so­cial me­dia web­site de­vel­op­ment and ex­e­cu­tion.” This will in­clude open source in­form­a­tion, “de­tailed so­cial me­dia data-min­ing, so­cial me­dia mon­it­or­ing and ana­lys­is, tar­get audi­ence ana­lys­is, me­dia kit de­vel­op­ment and so­cial me­dia plat­form op­er­a­tions.”

This is a glob­al ef­fort, ac­cord­ing to the RFI. In ad­di­tion the European Com­mand and the Spe­cial Op­er­a­tions Com­mand in Europe, “activ­it­ies un­der this con­tract will sup­port … stra­tegic com­mu­nic­a­tions, op­er­a­tions to en­gage loc­al pop­u­la­tions, build in­ter­agency part­ner­ships, and identi­fy vi­ol­ent ex­trem­ist in­flu­ences” with­in EUCOM’s area of re­spons­ib­il­ity em­an­at­ing from Africa Com­mand, Cent­ral Com­mand, Pa­cific Com­mand, or South­ern Com­mand areas of re­spons­ib­il­ity.

Even more de­tails are con­tained in a Secret work state­ment that I would need a de­coder ring to ob­tain ““ but I con­sider the un­clas­si­fied info on Fed­BizO­ps a real gift for my daily trolling of fed­er­al di­git­al cup­boards.

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