Star-Advertiser Poll Shows Hanabusa Leading Schatz

But Schatz’s Jan. internal showed him up slightly.

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Julie Sobel
Feb. 18, 2014, 6:50 a.m.

A new Hon­olulu Star-Ad­vert­iser poll (Ward Re­search; Feb. 1-11; 528 Demo­crat­ic primary voters +/- 4.3%) shows Rep. Colleen Hanabusa (D-01) lead­ing Sen. Bri­an Schatz (D), 48-40%. “In a po­ten­tially prom­ising de­vel­op­ment for Hanabusa, the con­gress­wo­man led among uni­on, seni­or and Ja­pan­ese-Amer­ic­an voters who his­tor­ic­ally vote in high­er pro­por­tion in primary elec­tions.”

Schatz “has a fun­drais­ing ad­vant­age over Hanabusa. Stra­tegic­ally, the young sen­at­or may have to use the cam­paign money soon to bet­ter define him­self for voters be­fore Hanabusa has the chance to write the nar­rat­ive.” (Hon­olulu Star-Ad­vert­iser)

The Schatz cam­paign re­leased an in­tern­al poll (Mell­man Group (D); Jan. 7-13; 800 Demo­crat­ic primary LVs; +/- 3.5%) from last month in re­sponse. It shows him lead­ing Hanabusa, 41-37%. (re­lease)

DEAN HELP. Demo­cracy for Amer­ica, “the lib­er­al group foun­ded by former Ver­mont Gov. Howard Dean (D), is en­dors­ing” Schatz. (The Hill)

DURBIN HELP. Sen. Dick Durbin (D-IL) “is the spe­cial guest at a cam­paign fun­draiser” to­night for Schatz. (Hon­olulu Civil Beat)