PCCC Endorses Schatz

Hanabusa calls Abercrombie comments on age insulting to women.

Julie Sobel
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Julie Sobel
March 19, 2014, 6:40 a.m.

PCCC an­nounced their en­dorse­ment of Sen. Bri­an Schatz (D) over Rep. Colleen Hanabusa (D-01) in the Demo­crat­ic primary, call­ing the race “hugely stra­tegic for na­tion­al pro­gress­ives.” PCCC char­ac­ter­izes the primary as pit­ting “the Eliza­beth War­ren wing of the Demo­crat­ic Party against the cor­por­ate wing.”

“More: Bri­an Schatz was one of the first sen­at­ors to en­dorse ex­pand­ing So­cial Se­cur­ity be­ne­fits. His primary op­pon­ent re­fuses to rule out cuts.” (re­lease)

AGE-OLD IS­SUE. Hanabusa “says the way her com­pet­it­or’s al­lies have made age an is­sue” in the race “is in­sult­ing to voters.” When Gov. Neil Aber­crom­bie (D) ap­poin­ted Schatz, he “said that Schatz, 41, would have the chance to build seni­or­ity over dec­ades in the U.S. Sen­ate. He has said Hanabusa, 62, wouldn’t be­cause she’s too old.” Hanabusa, in an in­ter­view: “What you’re say­ing is, their vote doesn’t mat­ter. … It’s al­most like say­ing that some­body would be anoin­ted for 40 years.” More Hanabusa: “I don’t know of any elec­ted of­fi­cial who can guar­an­tee that they’ll be in of­fice for 40 years, which is, I think, the num­ber that Aber­crom­bie has used in the pro­cess.”

“The age com­ments are es­pe­cially in­sult­ing to­ward wo­men, Hanabusa said, be­cause wo­men of­ten make choices to delay por­tions of their ca­reers as they bal­ance oth­er de­mands in life.” Hanabusa: “Ima­gine if you had chil­dren, on top of everything else, and you’re try­ing to es­tab­lish a pro­fes­sion, plus do well in polit­ics and so forth. … Something gives, you know? I’d love to think that I’m a su­per hu­man be­ing, but I’m not. We make choices, and those are the choices that we make.” (AP)

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