Georgetown Student Allegedly Showed Ricin to Dorm Counselor

Global Security Newswire Staff
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Global Security Newswire Staff
March 24, 2014, 9:04 a.m.

Pro­sec­utors say a 19-year-old Geor­getown Uni­versity stu­dent showed his dorm­it­ory coun­selor a con­tain­er filled with what he de­scribed as ri­cin, CNN re­ports.

Daniel Harry Milzman was ac­cused on Fri­day of of pro­du­cing the deadly tox­in in his Mc­Carthy Hall res­id­ence room, the FBI said in a court af­fi­davit. The dorm ad­viser is said to have re­por­ted the in­cid­ent to school ad­min­is­trat­ors, who sub­sequently aler­ted au­thor­it­ies.

Milzman pur­portedly used his iPhone to find a re­cipe for the sub­stance, a castor bean de­riv­at­ive that is leth­al in small quant­it­ies and for which no an­ti­dote cur­rently ex­ists.

The FBI as­ser­ted he had made the pois­on in his dorm room and held it there for one month in air­tight bag­gies, Agence France-Presse re­por­ted. Au­thor­it­ies said he wore eye cov­ers and a dust mask while pre­par­ing the ma­ter­i­al .

An ini­tial labor­at­ory ana­lys­is veri­fied that the ma­ter­i­al was ri­cin, CNN quoted the FBI doc­u­ment as say­ing. The af­fi­davit says he pos­sessed 123 mil­li­grams of the ma­ter­i­al, a quant­ity suf­fi­cient to kill a vic­tim who breathed it in or re­ceived it in­tra­ven­ously, AFP re­por­ted.

Milzman now faces a charge of pos­sess­ing a bio­lo­gic­al tox­in. He made one ap­pear­ance in fed­er­al court on Fri­day, and is ex­pec­ted to re­turn on Tues­day.

Thomas Lloyd, an al­leged con­fid­ante who learned of Milzman’s ri­cin, said the sus­pect had not been clear about wheth­er he planned to use the tox­in in an at­tack, the Wash­ing­ton Post re­por­ted.

“There was cer­tainly no men­tion of a spe­cif­ic per­son,” Lloyd said.

A uni­versity alumna, though, said she had pre­vi­ously in­formed Geor­getown ad­min­is­trat­ors about ma­li­cious com­ments Milzman had writ­ten on the In­ter­net about an­oth­er stu­dent.

In a sep­ar­ate de­vel­op­ment, po­lice in Pennsylvania on Thursday seized an ad­di­tion­al cache of ri­cin al­legedly pro­duced by Hat­boro res­id­ent Nich­olas Hel­man, the Phil­adelphia In­quirer re­por­ted on Sat­urday. The 19-year-old was charged earli­er in the week for al­legedly send­ing his ro­mantic rival a ri­cin-laced scratch-and-sniff birth­day card.

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