People Are Already Pawning White House Easter Eggs on eBay

Well, that was fast.

National Journal
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Marina Koren
April 21, 2014, 11:51 a.m.

Let’s say you just spent a sunny morn­ing at the White House, watch­ing your kids jab at brightly colored eggs with a wooden spoon, scoot­ing them down the per­fectly man­i­cured South Lawn. You posed for pho­tos with the East­er Bunny, and maybe caught a glimpse of the pres­id­ent in the crowd. This is a day you want to re­mem­ber, so when you get a com­mem­or­ative White House Egg to take home, you want to put it some­where safe, right?

Not quite.

For some at­tendees of the 136th an­nu­al White House East­er Egg Roll, those souven­ir eggs be­long on the In­ter­net. With a few hours to go be­fore the event ended on Monday at 5 p.m., some of the com­mem­or­ative wooden eggs had already made their way onto eBay.

This year’s White House East­er eggs came in four col­ors, and were boxed up along with Barack and Michelle Obama’s stamped sig­na­tures. A purple egg bear­ing the vis­ages of pres­id­en­tial pooches Bo and Sunny was also giv­en out to at­tendees. All five can be pur­chased on­line through a Na­tion­al Park Found­a­tion web­site, but some eBay users are hop­ing to sway po­ten­tial cus­tom­ers.

The cheapest deal on eBay, at the time of this writ­ing, is $1.75 for a pink egg. “Here’s your col­lect­ible piece of his­tory!” reads the list­ing, which has three bids so far.

There are only 17 hours left to buy this egg stamped with the Oba­mas’ dogs (box in­cluded). Want all five? You have four days to come up with $60 for this one seller. Feel­ing ex­tra egg-cited? You can buy this year’s and last year’s com­plete sets, too.