Super PACs Form to Back Grossman and Baker

Former advisers to Mitt Romney and Scott Brown involved with Baker PAC.

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Karyn Bruggeman
April 25, 2014, 7:35 a.m.

“Two new Su­per PACs — one Demo­crat­ic and one Re­pub­lic­an — have jumped in­to the Mas­sachu­setts gubernat­ori­al race”¦One of the Su­per PACs, called ‘Mas­sachu­setts For­ward To­geth­er,’ has a clear pur­pose — to ‘sup­port the gubernat­ori­al can­did­acy’ of Treas­urer Steve Gross­man (D). The oth­er, “chaired by long­time Re­pub­lic­an strategist Beth Lind­strom, ap­pears to be an ef­fort to sup­port the can­did­acy of” 2010 nom­in­ee Charlie Baker (R). “Lind­strom was the cam­paign man­ager for” former Sen. Scott Brown’s (R) “2010 Sen­ate bid, and an­oth­er Brown op­er­at­ive, Eric Fehrn­strom is also ex­pec­ted to be in­volved in the ‘Com­mon­wealth Fu­ture’ PAC.” (Bo­ston Her­ald)

At­tor­ney Gen­er­al Martha Coakley (D) “is de­noun­cing” the cre­ation of the su­per PAC back­ing Gross­man and used the de­vel­op­ment as an op­por­tun­ity “to high­light her op­pos­i­tion to Cit­izens United. … Later Thursday, Gross­man re­leased a let­ter to Coakley not­ing he had pro­posed a pact aimed at keep­ing third-party groups from get­ting in­volved in the race,” but she had not agreed to it. (Bo­ston Globe)