Jany Drops Out, Citing Work Responsibilities

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Jack Fitzpatrick
May 14, 2014, 7:35 a.m.

Mar­ine Corps vet­er­an Ed Jany (I) dropped out of his race against Rep. Dav­id Jolly (R) shortly after a Tampa Bay Times story re­por­ted he had a “com­pletely fake” de­gree from a known “dip­loma mill.” Jany said he had to drop out be­cause he did not have time to run. “In my pro­fes­sion­al ca­pa­city, I am re­spons­ible for co­ordin­at­ing some of the Com­mand and Con­trol for Se­cur­ity at the World Cup in Brazil this year, something I com­mit­ted to do­ing some time ago. I wrongly as­sumed that I could main­tain my pro­fes­sion­al work re­quire­ments while run­ning for of­fice, just as I was able to work full-time as a po­lice of­ficer while pur­su­ing a full-time edu­ca­tion and bal­an­cing my mil­it­ary ser­vice in the past,” he said in a state­ment. (Tampa Bay Times)

Jany said his de­cision had noth­ing to do with the Times story on his edu­ca­tion­al back­ground. He si­ad his boss told him he had to choose between his job and the cam­paign, and he could not af­ford to go the length of the cam­paign without pay. “You have to have money to sus­tain your­self, and if I was go­ing to be in a pro­longed cam­paign for six months without a job, how do I pay for me and my fam­ily? It’s just im­possible,” he said. (Cre­at­ive Loaf­ing Tampa)

Jany was re­cruited by the Demo­crat­ic Con­gres­sion­al Cam­paign Com­mit­tee even though he had to run as an in­de­pend­ent be­cause of a Flor­ida law re­quir­ing can­did­ates to be re­gistered with a party for a year. He was a Re­pub­lic­an un­til the fed­er­al gov­ern­ment shut­down in Oc­to­ber, when he switched parties.