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Oct. 16, 2013, 4:42 a.m.

Busi­ness­man Bill Bin­nie (R) and ex-AG Kelly Ayotte (R) “felt the heat” at an 8/31 de­bate.

When Ayotte “quizzed” Bin­nie on wheth­er he had shipped jobs over­seas, Bin­nie said he ex­pan­ded with man­u­fac­tur­ing fa­cil­it­ies all over the world — but did not close a fact­ory and move jobs to Mex­ico. Bin­nie said, “Shame on you,” call­ing Ayotte’s ac­cus­a­tion a “com­plete at­tempt to ma­lign my busi­ness ex­per­i­ence.” Ayotte re­spon­ded, “After you spent $1 mil­lion to run five neg­at­ive ads against me, shame on you.”

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Busi­ness­man Jim Bend­er (R) hit Ayotte for rais­ing money from spe­cial in­terest groups. Ayotte re­spon­ded that donors will get a “tough, con­ser­vat­ive lead­er for New Hamp­shire.” Bend­er “then turned on Bin­nie.” Bend­er: “The word around town in Ports­mouth, Rye and New Castle is many people are fear­ful of you, view you as ar­bit­rary, ca­pri­cious, and the only per­son who made money in a Bin­nie com­pany is Bill Bin­nie.” Bin­nie: “I’ve made people wealthy. Name-call­ing be­littles the pro­cess.”

Only ‘96 GOV nom­in­ee/atty/ex-NH Bd. of Ed. chair Ovide La­montagne (R) “largely stayed out of the fray.” One mo­ment of dis­sent for La­montagne came when the can­did­ates were asked about the war in Ir­aq. La­montagne, “alone among the can­did­ates,” said he be­lieved go­ing in­to Ir­aq was a mis­take (Schoen­berg, Con­cord Mon­it­or, 9/1).

Have Some Oath Meal

As re­por­ted in 8/31’s NH SEN story, La­montagne is launch­ing a new ad. The ad was pro­duced by Jim In­no­cenzi (Burns, “Morn­ing Score,” Politico, 9/1). Full script, “Ovide’s Oath“:

LA­MONTAGNE: “I’m not the es­tab­lish­ment can­did­ate, nor a new con­ser­vat­ive try­ing to buy your vote. But I am the only can­did­ate with a 15-point pledge, Ovide’s Oath, and it’s my bond. I’ll work to cut spend­ing, lower taxes, re­peal Obama­care and de­fend the right of states to pro­tect their cit­izens. I’m Ovide La­montagne and I ap­proved this mes­sage. I’ll com­mute to Wash­ing­ton and I’ll only serve you.” AN­NCR: “The only true con­ser­vat­ive for the U.S. Sen­ate: Ovide La­montagne” (Politico.com, 9/1).

Do You Seize What I Seize?

Both GOP and Dem SEN can­did­ates on 8/31 “seized on find­ings” in a draft re­port (See 8/31 story for more) on the FRM “scan­dal” that “cri­ti­cized” Ayotte.

Bin­nie: “Once again the vic­tims, many of whom lost their life sav­ings, and the tax­pay­ers of New Hamp­shire await a cred­ible ex­plan­a­tion of her fail­ure to act. It’s time for an­swers.”

Bend­er said the re­port “only af­firms the fact that Kelly Ayotte is not who we thought she was. How can we ex­pect her to go to Wash­ing­ton and pro­tect the tax­pay­er when she failed to pro­tect the hard-earned sav­ings of the cit­izens of New Hamp­shire?”

Rep. Paul Hodes (D-02): “When will Kelly Ayotte fi­nally come to terms with the fact that she made mis­takes, missed op­por­tun­it­ies, and is re­spons­ible for her own agency’s fail­ures?”

The new re­port was draf­ted by leg­al coun­sel for the Dem-con­trolled states House and state Sen­ate, re­viewed by state Sen­ate Com­merce chair state Sen. Mag­gie Has­san (D), and House Com­merce chair state Rep. Ed­ward But­ler (D). The re­port is not fi­nal or of­fi­cial yet, but “few changes are ex­pec­ted.” Neither Dems nor GOP­ers on the cmte raised com­plaints about its find­ings.

Ayotte spokes­per­son Jeff Grap­pone said the re­lease of the re­port smacks of par­tis­an polit­ics. Grap­pone: “You have to ques­tion the tim­ing of a draft re­port is­sued by Demo­crats right be­fore the elec­tion.” He said Ayotte ac­ted ap­pro­pri­ately when the law al­lowed her of­fice to in­ter­vene (Fa­hey, New Hamp­shire Uni­on-Lead­er, 9/1).

On Pa­per

Foster’s Daily Demo­crat en­dorsed Bend­er in the GOP primary (Foster’s Daily Demo­crat, 9/1).

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