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Oct. 18, 2013, 4:51 a.m.

Ex-WWE CEO Linda McMa­hon (R) “head­lined a fun­draiser” for Tea Party or­gan­izer/state Sen­ate can­did­ate Joe Markley (R) 8/31, “draw­ing a stand­ing-room only crowd.”

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McMa­hon “de­scribed her­self as a con­cili­at­or who wants to reach across party lines and make Wash­ing­ton work.” The audi­ence “ap­plauded, then lined up for pic­tures.”

LG nom­in­ee Mark Boughton (R): “She’s a freakin’ rock star.”

McMa­hon “offered only vague ob­jec­tions to ‘big gov­ern­ment.’” She “lis­ted no spe­cif­ics about what she would cut, nor does she see the elec­tion as about her.” McMa­hon: “I really do be­lieve this elec­tion in Novem­ber is a ref­er­en­dum on Wash­ing­ton and the thigns that are hap­pen­ing in Wash­ing­ton.” She “shuns a dis­cus­sion of the en­ti­tle­ments that con­sume” 40% of the fed­er­al budget, “say­ing they are not a top­ic for cam­paigns.”

McMa­hon “talked about her views on for­eign policy. She offered little, oth­er than a call for con­tin­ued vi­gil­ance.” She “neither en­dorsed or cri­ti­cized” the Obama ad­min “for de­clar­ing an end to the U.S. com­bat mis­sion in Ir­aq.” McMa­hon: “There have been a lot of lives and ef­fort put forth in Ir­aq. I hope that the stabliz­a­tion forces will be able to do ex­actly what the por­gram and plan is for them” (Pazniokas, Con­necti­c­ut Mir­ror, 9/1).

Yuck It Up

McMa­hon and AG Dick Blu­menth­al (D) “swapped in­sults” dur­ing a “roast that goes back 136 years” in Bris­tol at the Cro­codile Club.

McMa­hon: “It’s great to see every­one here today. It’s good to see Dick any­where. Howdy, stranger. When I looked around and saw Dick sit­ting here today I thought this must be the polit­ic­al equi­val­ent of Ground­hog Day, ex­cept that Dick came out of his bunker, saw his shad­ow and we’ve got eight more weeks of cam­paign­ing to do.”

Blu­menth­al “said he’s nev­er been in­vited to a pro­fes­sion­al wrest­ling match.” Blu­menth­al: “I thought for sure I’d get an in­vit­a­tion this year. Oh well, you know it’s not really my cup of tea any­way.”

McMa­hon: “You don’t have to be in­vited. You just have to pur­chase a tick­et” (Dix­on, Con­necti­c­ut Post, 8/31).

Blu­menth­al “worked the crowd.” Blu­menth­al: “I’m here without sub­poen­as. I no­ticed a few of you were not laugh­ing.”

McMa­hon, on her­self: “Some of you might have seen some of the mail­ers that I have sent out. But con­trary to pop­u­lar opin­ion, I am not run­ning for post­mas­ter gen­er­al. I am run­ning for United States Sen­ate. … I’ve spent so much money on this cam­paign that Ned La­mont told me I should be gov­ernor” (Keat­ing, Hart­ford Court, 9/1).

McMa­hon, be­fore the roast when asked “Would you sug­gest that Dick Blu­menth­al wear a cup today”: “I left my steel-toed shoes at home” (Dix­on, “Blog-O-Rama”, Con­necti­c­ut News, 8/31).

C’mon Coakley, Get Your Head In The Game!

New Lon­don Day’s Collins writes that Blu­menth­al “should dir­ectly ad­dress some of the is­sues of the cam­paign, not just where McMa­hon’s money comes from, but how the two dif­fer so pro­foundly on the is­sues. He needs to do more than wait for voter out­rage over the next dead wrest­ler” (9/1).

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