Obama: ‘There’s No Sugarcoating’ The Health Care Insurance Exchange

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Oct. 21, 2013, 8:54 a.m.

GOP­ers “are be­gin­ning to en­dorse” Rep. Paul Ry­an’s (R-WI) Roadmap for Amer­ica’s Fu­ture, “des­pite re­luct­ance” from party lead­er­ship “to em­brace the plan” (Freire, Wash­ing­ton Ex­am­iner, 8/31).

Huff­ing­ton Post’s Ter­kel takes a look at some of the can­did­ates who sup­port the Roadmap, in­clud­ing AL-02 nom­in­ee Martha Roby, TX-23 nom­in­ee Fran­cisco “Quico” Can­seco, KY-06 nom­in­ee Andy Barr, Rep. Dan Lun­gren (R-CA) and WI-07 can­did­ate Sean Duffy.

“Part of the reas­on these can­did­ates may be sup­port­ing Ry­an’s budget plan is that they have no oth­er al­tern­at­ive. They are com­ing out against Demo­crat­ic policies, but since the Re­pub­lic­an lead­er­ship hasn’t put for­ward any blue­print, they are forced to en­dorse Ry­an’s roadmap” (8/30).

Crim­son Tide

GOP poll­ster Glen Bol­ger: “There are go­ing to be some in­di­vidu­al cam­paigns, some in­di­vidu­al races where” Dems do sur­vive. But, Bol­ger said: The “wave is build­ing. The only ques­tion is how high. Is it 40 seats? Is it 50 seats?” (Wal­ter, AB­CNews.com, 8/31).

But House GOP­ers “played down” the latest Gal­lup num­bers, which show a GOP “tid­al wave is build­ing and could sweep away” Dem “con­trol of the House in the fall elec­tions.

House Min. Lead­er John Boehner: “It’s a steep climb; we’ve got a lot of hard work to do, and no one is tak­ing any­thing for gran­ted” (Bazinet, New York Daily News, 9/1).

Sen­ate Min. Lead­er Mitch Mc­Con­nell “isn’t will­ing to fore­cast a Sen­ate takeover.” Mc­Con­nell: “We think the con­di­tions are right for a big” GOP “vic­tory this fall. … I’m not go­ing to make a pre­dic­tion too much in ad­vance, but I do think as Re­pub­lic­an lead­er of the U.S. Sen­ate I’ll be lead­ing a lar­ger group than I cur­rently am.”

Mc­Con­nell was in Owens­boro, KY, cam­paign­ing with KY SEN GOP nom. Rand Paul (R) and Rep. Brett Gu­thrie (R). More Mc­Con­nell: “I’m not the lead­er of nearly as large a band as I’d like to be the lead­er of, but I hear help is on the way” (Thoma­son, Bowl­ing Green Daily News, 8/31).

Wash­ing­ton Ex­am­iner’s Mi­chael Bar­one writes: “Scads of lib­er­als glee­fully pre­dicted that the fin­an­cial crisis and deep re­ces­sion would des­troy Amer­ic­ans’ faith in mar­kets and in­crease their con­fid­ence in Big Gov­ern­ment. Many con­ser­vat­ives gloomily feared they were right. Hasn’t happened.” What Amer­ic­ans see is “Big Gov­ern­ment col­lud­ing with Big Busi­ness and try­ing to breathe life in­to Big Labor” (9/1).

Biggest Pa­per Ti­ger Ever

Busi­ness groups “plan to go on of­fense” against Sen­ate Dems over the Labor Day week­end, seek­ing to tie them to big busi­ness. Loc­al af­fil­i­ates of the NFIB, ABC and oth­er groups “will hold events” 9/6 “tar­get­ing” in­cum­bents and can­did­ates on EFCA. The groups will tar­get Sens. Harry Re­id (D-NV) and Mi­chael Ben­net (D-CO), Rep. Paul Hodes (D-NH) and KY AG Jack Con­way (D) (O’Bri­en, The Hill, 9/1).

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