The Scan - June 19, 2013

National Journal
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June 18, 2013, 5:33 p.m.

“Amer­ic­ans for Job Se­cur­ity” launched a new TV ad sup­port­ing Weld Co. DA Ken Buck (R) 6/24. Full script, “Con­ser­vat­ive:”

AN­NCR: “Wash­ing­ton is a cess­pool filled with polit­ic­al in­siders who think more gov­ern­ment is the solu­tion. Not Ken Buck. Ken Buck stands up to the in­siders in both parties. Ken Buck’s con­ser­vat­ive plan to get Col­or­ado back to work: no to bail­outs, no to taxes, no to big gov­ern­ment spend­ing. Yes to low taxes for job cre­ation that helps fam­il­ies. Call Ken Buck. Tell him to keep fight­ing for smal­ler gov­ern­ment and policies that sup­port tax­pay­ers. Amer­ic­ans for Job Se­cur­ity is re­spons­ible for the con­tent of this ad­vert­ising.”

“The ad will run statewide for at least five days, with a price tag in the mid-six fig­ures” (Burns, Politico, 6/24).