The Scan - July 24, 2013

A vote on a bipartisan student-loan compromise is expected this week, and a Transportation and HUD spending bill cleared a procedural hurdle in the Senate on Tuesday. 
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July 23, 2013, 4:57 p.m.

‘82 GOV nom­in­ee/ex-U.S. Atty Rox­anne Con­lin (D) is up with her first TV ad, pro­duced by Ral­ston Lapp Me­dia. Full script, “Tak­ing On“:

CON­LIN: “I’m Rox­anne Coin­lin. Tak­ing on the spe­cial in­terests has been the cause of my life. Like tak­ing on the big banks, to help fam­ily farms at risk of fore­clos­ure. As a pro­sec­utor, I took on cor­rupt politi­cians, and cor­por­a­tions who vi­ol­ated the pub­lic trust. I’m run­ning for U.S. Sen­ate to take this fight to Wash­ing­ton. Fight for re­lief on Main Street, not more bail­outs for Wall Street. Be­cause the spe­cial in­terests have had their turn. Now, it’s our turn. I’m Rox­anne Con­lin, and I ap­prove this mes­sage” (re­lease, 5/21).

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Tak­ing To The Street

Wall Street re­form “has be­come a big is­sue” in Sen. Chuck Grass­ley’s (R) “tough­er-than-ex­pec­ted re-elec­tion cam­paign.” Grass­ley “sur­prised” ob­serv­ers when he voted for tough new re­stric­tions on de­riv­at­ives trad­ing that passed out of the Ag. Cmte.

Grass­ley “sur­prised ob­serv­ers again” 5/20 “when he joined” three cent­rist GOP­ers from New Eng­land “to pass a sweep­ing Wall Street re­form.” Dems be­lieve Grass­ley sided with them be­cause of pres­sure at home.

Con­lin con­sult­ant John Lapp: “This is a race about a guy who has been on the side of spe­cial in­terests, has re­ceived money from the spe­cial in­terests and spent his time op­pos­ing real re­form.” Con­lin “has made Wall Street re­form a high-pro­file is­sue as she’s traveled” to all of IA’s 99 cos. to cam­paign against Grass­ley.

Grass­ley spokes­per­son Jill Kozeny said Grass­ley has been work­ing to in­crease gov’t over­sight of Wall Street since Con­gress passed a $700B bail­out pack­age. Kozeny: “Grass­ley has been work­ing to hold Wall Street ac­count­able since winter of 2008.” Con­lin’s ad­visers say they will press Grass­ley on his ties to banks and oth­er spe­cial in­terests des­pite his vote for re­form. Lapp: “An elec­tion-year flip-flop on Wall Street re­form can’t hide Sen. Grass­ley’s re­cord of vot­ing with the spe­cial in­terests for 30 years.”

Grass­ley’s camp, however, says this line of at­tack is ab­surd com­ing from Con­lin, who served as first wo­man pres­id­ent of the As­so­ci­ation of Tri­al Law­yers of Amer­ica. Grass­ley strategist John Max­well: “She was head one of the biggest, most power­ful spe­cial in­terests in Amer­ica. It’s laugh­able that she’s some­how di­vorced from spe­cial in­terests” (Bolton, The Hill, 5/24).

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North Dakota Pipeline Protests Turn Violent
9 minutes ago

The protest over the construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline turned violent overnight as the police and National Guard sought to remove the protesters, surrounding them with assault vehicles and officers in riot gear. The law enforcement officers used pepper spray and fired bean bags for more than six hours. In response, the protesters "lit debris on fire and threw Molotov cocktails in retreat." One woman pulled out a gun and fired at officers, narrowly missing before being arrested. The protesters claim the pipeline would be constructed on land belonging to the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe.

House Leadership Elections Slated for Nov. 15
15 minutes ago

The House has scheduled leadership votes for Nov. 15, the day after members return from their election recess. "Since mid-September, members of the House Freedom Caucus have weighed whether they should ask leadership to push back the elections so they can see how House Speaker Paul Ryan performs at the end of the year," but leaders don't seem inclined to grant their request.

Feds Announce Rapid GDP Growth in Q3
18 minutes ago

Gross domestic product "expanded at a 2.9% annual clip from July through September. That’s a marked improvement from the first half of the year when the U.S. grew just barely over 1%." The robust numbers make it more likely that the Federal Reserve hikes interest rates at its next meeting.

Oregon Militiamen Found Not Guilty
20 minutes ago

"A federal jury on Thursday found Ammon Bundy, his brother Ryan Bundy and five co-defendants not guilty of conspiring to prevent federal employees from doing their jobs through intimidation, threat or force during the 41-day occupation of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge. The Bundy brothers and occupiers Jeff Banta and David Fry also were found not guilty of having guns in a federal facility." In a strange "coda" to the decision, Bundy's attorney Marcus Mumford was tackled and tasered by marshals in the courtroom as he argued that Bundy should be free to go.

Clinton Eyes Biden for Secretary of State
21 minutes ago

Hillary Clinton is eyeing Vice President Joe Biden to be her secretary of state, and her campaign is trying to figure out the best way to broach the idea with Biden. Biden has a lifetime of foreign policy experience, serving as chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee; he can also put eight years as vice president on his foreign policy resume. Biden has previously stated that he would not work in a Clinton administration, so it might be a tough sell for the Clinton camp.


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