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July 29, 2013, 3:13 p.m.

Sen­ate Maj. Lead­er Harry Re­id and Sen. Joe Lieber­man (I-CT) “ap­pear will­ing to let their by­gones be by­gones,” as Lieber­man is host­ing “an eye-open­ing fun­draiser” for Re­id in Green­wich on 5/2. Re­id “asked Lieber­man to do a fun­draiser for him,” and “the ges­ture of good­will to­ward Re­id, who was quoted earli­er this year as say­ing that Lieber­man double-crossed him on health care re­form, has thrown” ob­serv­ers “for a loop.”

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CT Dem Chair Nancy DiNardo “had to go back more than a year” to re­call the last time she saw Lieber­man at a party event. DiNardo: “If they’re friends, he could be help­ing a friend. I don’t know, though.” Lieber­man and Re­id did not re­spond to re­quests for com­ment on 4/27 (Vig­dor, Con­necti­c­ut Post, 4/27).

No Rush, We’ve Got All Elec­tion Sea­son

Re­id said 4/27 that he’s will­ing to bring up the cli­mate bill ahead of an im­mig­ra­tion bill. Re­id: “The en­ergy bill is ready. We will move that more quickly than a bill we don’t have. … I don’t have an im­mig­ra­tion bill.”

But a “still angry” Sen. Lind­sey Gra­ham (R-SC) “said noth­ing has changed.” Gra­ham said in an in­ter­view, “If you cared about en­ergy and cli­mate and you really were com­mit­ted to that is­sue, you would not put im­mig­ra­tion on the table know­ing it will nev­er pass” (Daly, AP, 4/27).

No Am­nesty For Them, No Mercy For Re­id

‘06 Sec/State nom­in­ee/busi­ness­man/ex-UN­LV bas­ket­ball play­er Danny Tarkani­an’s (R) camp is up with a new 60-sec. ra­dio ad “sup­port­ing” AZ’s im­mig­ra­tion law. Start­ing 4/28, the ad “will run hourly on con­ser­vat­ive talk ra­dio.”

In the ad, Tarkani­an says, “Harry Re­id says we’re a na­tion of im­mig­rants — but more im­port­antly, the Con­sti­tu­tion states we’re a na­tion of laws. … Here’s my stand — we must de­fend the states’ 10th Amend­ment right to pro­tect their cit­izens. That’s something that Harry Re­id and his Wash­ing­ton friends just don’t un­der­stand.”

Tarkani­an con­tin­ues, “to really turn the tide, we must re­move the in­cent­ives — No more jobs and no more tax­pay­er-fun­ded edu­ca­tion, wel­fare or health care for il­leg­al im­mig­rants. And that’s the fun­da­ment­al dif­fer­ence between my plan and Sue Lowden’s. My plan says cut off tax­pay­er be­ne­fits for il­leg­als. Sue Lowden’s plan doesn’t.” And “if we don’t cut off the be­ne­fits, we’ll just keep pay­ing the price” (re­lease, 4/27).

Chick­en­ing Out

“It took around two weeks and a good deal of na­tion­al ri­dicule,” but ex-NV GOP Chair Sue Lowden “has fain­lly backed off her ap­par­ent ad­vocacy” for a “chick­ens for checkups” barter policy to bring down health care costs. In an in­ter­view with a loc­al ra­dio sta­tion 4/27, Lowden said she merely made “a cas­u­al state­ment talk­ing about the real­ity of what’s go­ing on” in NV, and said of Re­id’s camp, “They took it way out of con­text” (Sar­gent, “The Plum Line,” 4/27).

Lowden said on Alan Stock’s ra­dio show 4/27, “I know that bar­ter­ing takes place here in Nevada. It takes place throughout the coun­try and that Harry Re­id has been at­tack­ing me for say­ing something like that and the truth is it is hap­pen­ing and that’s how out of touch he is” (Ral­ston, Las Ve­gas Sun, 4/27).

Lowden spokes­per­son Crys­tal Feld­man elab­or­ates, “Sue’s com­ment on bar­ter­ing was nev­er a policy pro­pos­al,” but rather “an in­sight on how strug­gling fam­il­ies in Nevada are work­ing to pay for med­ic­al care dur­ing these tough times” (“The Plum Line,” 4/27).

Pro-Life, Pro-Lowden

NE Gov. Dave Heine­man (R) sent out a fun­drais­ing email for Lowden, writ­ing, “We have an op­por­tun­ity to help Sue Lowden be­come the only pro-life wo­man in the U.S. Sen­ate” (Hot­line email, 4/28).

Mean­while, Susan B. An­thony List “will be spend­ing” $1M to help Lowden de­feat Re­id, a spokes­per­son con­firmed (Ral­ston, “Ral­ston Flash,” 4/27).

Econ 101

Las Ve­gas Sun’s Cool­ic­an com­pares the can­did­ates’ plans for fix­ing Wall Street. Re­id “has tried to open de­bate” on Sen. Chris Dodd’s bill, “but so far failed to gain the 60 votes needed.”

‘06 NV-02 can­did­ate/ex-As­semb. Shar­ron Angle (R) said Wall Street doesn’t need re­form. Angle: “Get­ting back to tried and true sup­ply-side eco­nom­ics af­fec­tion­ately known as Re­aganom­ics will give small busi­ness and in­ter­na­tion­al con­fid­ence in our eco­nomy.” Angle did say “she would want to use un­spent stim­u­lus money to pay down the fed­er­al de­fi­cit.”

Wall Street Banker John Chachas (R) has a “de­tailed white pa­per” on the mat­ter, and ad­voc­ates for cre­at­ing a new “Risk Mon­it­or” to “keep watch on all sys­tem­ic fin­an­cial risk.” Chachas “said he would have voted” with GOP­ers to block de­bate on the pro­posed Wall Steet re­form bill, so sens. go “back to the table to ne­go­ti­ate for something that’s bet­ter for the coun­try.”

Lowden stood by her “lais­sez faire philo­sophy,” say­ing she fa­vors re­form, “but not the ma­jor re­form be­ing pro­posed by the Demo­crats. The No. 1 pri­or­ity should be to pro­tect the tax­pay­er.” Lowden also “op­poses cre­ation of a fund to help failed fin­an­cial firms meet their com­mit­ments.”

Tarkani­an also said he would have voted against the Dems’ bill, but he said reg­u­lat­ory re­form is “ab­so­lutely ne­ces­sary,” and sup­ports “tough­er rules on the trad­ing of de­riv­at­ives” (4/28).

Save The Date

Jon Ral­ston con­firms an “hour-long” Sen­ate de­bate will take place 5/18 on his “Face to Face” pro­gram. All re­ques­ted can­did­ates, in­clud­ing Lowden, have con­firmed (“Ral­ston Flash,” 4/27).

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