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Dec. 11, 2013, 3:05 p.m.

Gov. Jodi Rell‘s (R) “de­cision to bow out” and “not seek a second full term” will “de­mand pub­lic and me­dia at­ten­tion for a con­test that might oth­er­wise have been drowned out by the noise” of the SEN and nat’l races.

‘06 can­did­ate/Stam­ford May­or Dan Mal­loy (D): “The press was not likely to cov­er a Demo­crat­ic (primary) con­test if the gov­ernor was in it. So, for a guy like me, who rep­res­ents one tiny por­tion of this state in a me­dia mar­ket that has noth­ing to do with New Haven or Hart­ford, the chance for me to break through was im­peded. Now, it’s no longer im­peded. I’m go­ing to get cov­er­age.”

Sec/State Susan Bysiewicz (D) said Dems “are well-po­si­tioned to take back an of­fice they haven’t won since” ‘86.

Bysiewicz: “She had been a very pop­u­lar gov­ernor, and I think it is al­ways more dif­fi­cult to run when you have to go up against an in­cum­bent, par­tic­u­larly one who has been pop­u­lar. So there is a sense that the Demo­crats have an op­por­tun­ity, and I’m very pleased to be the front-run­ner among Demo­crats” (Mann, New Lon­don Day, 11/15).

Hart­ford Cour­ant‘s Bi­gelow writes, Dems “sud­denly have their best chance to win the top job” since ‘86. “The pos­sib­il­ity of win­ning has led to a lot of con­fu­sion among Demo­crats, so they’ve fallen back on a time-honored tra­di­tion: wait­ing for At­tor­ney Gen­er­al Richard Blu­menth­al (D) to do something.”

Blu­menth­al “pre­dict­ably ab­stained from the race” in Feb. “but now that Rell is gone there is sud­denly a sliv­er of hope that he might enter this race in­stead of wait­ing for that Sen­ate seat to fi­nally open up. That’s the prob­lem with Blu­menth­al; it’s been clear for a while that be­ing gov­ernor is only something he’d settle for.”

Bysiewicz “has def­in­ite gubernat­ori­al am­bi­tions. … Of the cur­rent can­did­ates, Bysiewicz is the only one to have won a statewide race, and she is known to be a tough primary cam­paign­er. I still have no idea what she thinks she would do as gov­ernor, though.”

Mal­loy “was a use­ful sort to put up against Rell next year, but now that Demo­crats ac­tu­ally have a shot at win­ning, he may find his sup­port drain­ing away to bet­ter-fun­ded, bet­ter-known can­did­ates.” Then there’s ‘06 SEN nom­in­ee/busi­ness­man Ned La­mont (D), “who has sup­port from the left wing of his party, name re­cog­ni­tion from his 2006 run and plenty of money to work with.”

“I sup­pose there are Re­pub­lic­an can­did­ates, too, but they aren’t nearly as in­ter­est­ing or rel­ev­ant. … Re­pub­lic­ans are still heav­ily out­numbered in Con­necti­c­ut, after all, and without the power of in­cum­bency, the per­son­al pop­ular­ity of a Jodi Rell or a weak Demo­crat­ic can­did­ate to face off against, their chances look pretty grim” (11/15).

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House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy told reporters on Monday that the government funding bill will be released on Tuesday. The bill is the last piece of legislation Congress needs to pass before leaving for the year and is expected to fund the government through the spring. The exact time date the bill would fund the government through is unclear, though it is expected to be in April or May.


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