Ukraine: Counting Down to Crisis

National Journal
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Rebecca Kaplan
March 2, 2014, 6:28 a.m.

White House press sec­ret­ary Robert Gibbs threatened to pull Pres­id­ent Obama out of a bi­lat­er­al meet­ing with In­di­an Prime Min­is­ter Man­mo­han Singh after In­di­an of­fi­cials at­temp­ted to cut the agreed-upon num­ber of White House pool re­port­ers in the meet­ing from eight to five.

Ac­cord­ing to the pool re­port, “At one point, Gibbs lit­er­ally had his foot lodged in the clos­ing front door, ask­ing if the In­di­an se­cur­ity of­fi­cials push­ing hard to shut it were go­ing to break his foot.” It took loud words and much re­pe­ti­tion of his threat to pull the pres­id­ent out of the meet­ing for the In­di­an of­fi­cials to let the en­tire eight-per­son pool in­side.

The in­cid­ent took place at Hy­dera­bad House, a former palace built in 1926.