Super PAC Spends Against Pompeo; Chamber of Commerce Backs Carter; Planned Parenthood Backs Gallego

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Jack Fitzpatrick
July 11, 2014, 7:35 a.m.

AZ-07: Planned Par­ent­hood Ac­tion Fund and Planned Par­ent­hood Ad­voc­ates of Ari­zona en­dorsed state Rep. Ruben Gal­lego (D) in the primary race for Rep. Ed Pas­tor’s (D) seat. Gal­lego “has a spot­less vot­ing re­cord on wo­men’s health care” in the le­gis­lature, said Bry­an Howard, CEO of the state chapter. (re­lease)

GA-01: The U.S. Cham­ber of Com­merce en­dorsed state Sen. Buddy Carter (R) in his primary run­off against sur­geon Bob John­son (R), whom the Club For Growth has sup­por­ted.

The Club “has come out on the los­ing side of sev­er­al battles with the Cham­ber this year, in­clud­ing in the Mis­sis­sippi U.S. Sen­ate run­off where Sen. Thad Co­chran nar­rowly pre­vailed.” “We’ll con­tin­ue to fight in every single race,” Keller said. “Some we win, some we lose. But we’d rather have the fight than not have it at all.” (At­lanta Journ­al-Con­sti­tu­tion)

KS-04: Kansans for Re­spons­ible Gov­ern­ment, a su­per PAC run by “Wichita oil­man” Wink Hart­man, re­por­ted spend­ing nearly $15,000 against Rep. Mike Pom­peo. The group has spent more than $122,000 in the race so far, ac­cord­ing to the FEC re­port. Hart­man is a friend of former Rep. Todd Ti­ahrt (R), who is chal­len­ging Pom­peo for the seat he held from 1995 to 2011. (Wash­ing­ton Post)