Russian Navy Holding Nuclear Incident-Response Exercise

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Global Security Newswire Staff
July 15, 2014, 8:50 a.m.

Rus­si­an navy per­son­nel this week will hone their re­sponses to a nuc­le­ar dis­aster dur­ing an ex­er­cise in the Pa­cific Ocean, RIA Nov­osti re­ports.

“On Ju­ly 14 to 17, the Rus­si­an Min­istry of De­fense will be con­duct­ing com­mand and staff drills in [the] East­ern Mil­it­ary Dis­trict, Rus­sia’s Far East, to sim­u­late the af­ter­math of nuc­le­ar dis­asters,” the min­istry an­nounced.

The drill will in­volve atom­ic sub­stances placed aboard Rus­si­an Pa­cific Fleet ships, an as­sess­ment of up­dated crisis re­sponse pro­to­cols and at­tempts to min­im­ize the ef­fects of an atom­ic ac­ci­dent.

Rus­sia has con­duc­ted nuc­le­ar re­sponse ex­er­cises be­fore, but the tim­ing of this one comes as Mo­scow con­tin­ues its saber rat­tling in the face of con­tin­ued ten­sions with Ukraine and NATO.