New Poll Shows Pro-Independence Scots Are Closing the Gap

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Global Security Newswire Staff
July 18, 2014, 9:39 a.m.

A new poll shows that pro-in­de­pend­ence Scots are gain­ing ground against uni­on­ists, which has im­plic­a­tions for the fu­ture of the U.K. nuc­le­ar ar­sen­al.

Polling com­pany TNS said on Fri­day that in a sur­vey of 995 vot­ing-age Scots, sup­port for se­ced­ing from the United King­dom had ris­en by two points in the last month and was now 32 per­cent, Re­u­ters re­por­ted. The side sup­port­ing re­main­ing part of the United King­dom saw its stand­ing dip by one point, fall­ing to 41 per­cent.

However, the poll­ster con­cluded it would be a “ma­jor task” for the pro-in­de­pend­ence side to ec­lipse the uni­on­ists by the time a vote on the is­sue takes place on Sept. 18.

The loc­ally gov­ern­ing Scot­tish Na­tion­al Party has prom­ised to make the re­mov­al of all Brit­ish nuc­le­ar weapons from Scot­tish ter­rit­ory one of its first or­ders of busi­ness in a po­ten­tial in­de­pend­ent Scot­land. Not­ably, though, a pre­vi­ous poll showed great­er sup­port among Scot­tish voters for al­low­ing the nuc­le­ar ar­sen­al to re­main in Scot­land than ex­pelling it.

The U.K. nuc­le­ar de­terrent is based at the Faslane nav­al base and the Coulport arma­ments de­pot. Main­tain­ing the fleet of four bal­list­ic mis­sile sub­mar­ines and their Tri­dent mis­siles and nuc­le­ar war­heads is a ma­jor source of high-pay­ing jobs in Scot­land.


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