Grassroots Advocacy

Grassroots program managers are under increasing pressure to grow and activate their networks. But while expectations within our organizations are on the rise, it's becoming more difficult to earn our advocates' attention and rally them to action. National Journal's research team helps you strengthen your network with practical tools, case profiles of industry-leading tactics, and events with other leading practitioners.


Digital and Social Media

Digital and social media offer a virtually endless supply of new tools for influencing policymakers. Leading organizations in Washington are using these resources to clear the path for their lobbyists, strategically shaping their environments before they even step foot in a Hill office. National Journal is here to help you get started no matter your experience or tolerance for risk.



Telling a good story is an effective way to bring your issue to life and build rapport with policymakers. National Journal has resources to help you find stories, tell stories, and help your advocates tell better stories.


Management and Operations

National Journal offers resources to help manage your government affairs office, including dashboard tools and best practice case profiles.