Hey, Barack, There’s a 77 Percent Chance You’re a Democrat

A new tool uses voter information to show whether more Democrats or Republicans have your first name.

National Journal
Matt Vasilogambros
Feb. 27, 2014, 10:03 a.m.

There is a 53 per­cent chance I’m a Re­pub­lic­an, a 46 per­cent chance I have a gun in my home, a 50 per­cent chance I go to church weekly, and a 58 per­cent chance I have a col­lege de­gree.

Clar­ity Cam­paigns Labs, a pro­gress­ive strategy firm based in Wash­ing­ton, re­leased a new tool this week that shows stat­ist­ics as­so­ci­ated with re­gistered voters’ first names. They got the in­form­a­tion from na­tion­al voter data.

So, with my giv­en name of Mat­thew, the tool gave me those stats. For the re­cord, I’m not re­gistered to a polit­ic­al party, have no guns, some­times go to church, but do have a col­lege de­gree. It’s some­what ac­cur­ate.

How does it pan out for White House con­tenders and cur­rent oc­cu­pant? There’s a 55 per­cent chance that a Hil­lary is a Demo­crat, a 77 per­cent chance that a Barack is a Demo­crat, and, sur­pris­ingly, a 56 per­cent chance that a Mitt is a Demo­crat. A Wil­lard, Mitt Rom­ney’s ac­tu­al first name, on the oth­er hand, is 54 per­cent likely to be a Re­pub­lic­an.

For Pres­id­ent Obama, the stat­ist­ics check out: He has many guns in his house (the White House, that is), he does not at­tend church weekly, and he does have a col­lege de­gree.

And let’s look at a few names from politi­cians on the Hill.

With the name Saxby, for ex­ample, there’s a 67 per­cent chance of be­ing a Re­pub­lic­an. Fit­tingly, the only mem­ber in Con­gress with that name is Saxby Cham­b­liss, a Re­pub­lic­an sen­at­or from Geor­gia.

On the oth­er side, with the name Sher­rod, there’s an 80 per­cent chance you’re a Demo­crat. The only mem­ber with that name is Sen. Sher­rod Brown, an Ohio Demo­crat.

There are 27 mem­bers of Con­gress name John; 11 are Demo­crats and 16 are Re­pub­lic­ans. Ac­cord­ing to the stat­ist­ics, 53 per­cent of Johns are Re­pub­lic­an. In Con­gress, 59 per­cent of Johns are Re­pub­lic­ans, ex­clud­ing Sen. Johnny Isak­son, R-Ga.

And this goes for any name. For the re­cord, there are 25 re­gistered voters named Gan­dalf, 53 per­cent of whom are Demo­crats. And 66 per­cent of the 158 re­gistered voters named Apple are Demo­crats.

So, how ac­cur­ate is it for you? Try it out.

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