First Steyer-Backed NextGen Ad of 2014 Targets Corbett

Steyer has put $16 million toward efforts through Next Gen Climate so far this year, plans to liken climate science doubts to support for the tobacco industry.

Karyn Bruggeman
July 14, 2014, 7:35 a.m.

“Bil­lion­aire Tom Stey­er’s Nex­t­Gen Cli­mate group is air­ing a new tele­vi­sion ad­vert­ise­ment in Pennsylvania, ac­cus­ing Gov. Tom Corbett (R) of pri­or­it­iz­ing the oil and gas in­dustry over schools. The ads, air­ing statewide, chal­lenge Corbett to pub­licly dis­close the meet­ings and com­mu­nic­a­tions he’s had with oil and gas in­dustry lob­by­ists and donors.” “Most of Nex­t­Gen’s cam­paign ac­tion in this elec­tion cycle has been in na­tion­al races, but it is also tar­get­ing gubernat­ori­al races in Pennsylvania, Flor­ida and Maine.” (The Hill)

CHAN­NEL­ING ANTI-TO­BACCO. “To bring about polit­ic­al change, Stey­er is em­ploy­ing that old-fash­ioned red-blooded bil­lion­aire tech­nique of spend­ing money. Al­though a budget of $100 mil­lion has been widely re­por­ted, Stey­er won’t spe­cify how much he in­tends to spend to elect cli­mate-change al­lies this year, ex­cept to say he has not met a polit­ic­al con­sult­ant who knows how to spell the word ‘budget.’”

“Stey­er so far has in­fused his polit­ic­al ac­tion com­mit­tee, Nex­t­Gen Cli­mate, with $16 mil­lion. Through Nex­t­Gen, Stey­er and his ad­visers are tak­ing aim at ‘sci­ence den­iers,’ hop­ing to per­suade voters that politi­cians’ doubts about cli­mate change are akin to sup­port­ing the to­bacco in­dustry, which long denied that smoking could kill you.” (Sac­ra­mento Bee)

STATE BUDGET FIGHT. Corbett “signed the state budget 10 days late on Thursday and used his line-item veto power to spot­light what he called the Le­gis­lature’s fail­ure to sac­ri­fice with the rest of gov­ern­ment or to curb rising pub­lic-sec­tor pen­sion costs that are fuel­ing school tax in­creases. “¦Cri­ti­cism from law­makers was bi­par­tis­an, and ac­cen­tu­ated Corbett’s chilly re­la­tion­ship with Re­pub­lic­ans and sol­id op­pos­i­tion by Demo­crats.” (Phil­adelphia In­quirer)