Crist, Scott Tied in Robopoll

New Scott ad attacks Crist for refusal to release wife’s tax returns.

Karyn Bruggeman
June 25, 2014, 7:43 a.m.

A new poll from Sur­vey­USA/WFLA-TV (Jun. 20-23; 541 LVs; +/- 4.3%) has Gov. Rick Scott (R) and former Re­pub­lic­an Gov. Charlie Crist (D) stat­ist­ic­ally tied, with Scott one point up, 42-41%. Crist led 44-40% in a pre­vi­ous poll two weeks ago. (re­lease)

Scott’s polit­ic­al com­mit­tee Let’s Get to Work re­leased a new TV ad Wed­nes­day ques­tion­ing why Crist won’t re­lease his wife Car­ol’s tax re­turns, cit­ing that both Scott and former Chief Fin­an­cial Of­ficer Alex Sink (D) did so in 2010. The ad will air statewide. (re­lease)

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CON­SER­VAT­IVE MED­DLING? “The latest mail piece from a mys­ter­i­ous group that calls it­self Pro­gress­ive Choice Flor­ida is a two-fer that at­tacks both” Scott and Crist as “one in the same.” “Pro­gress­ive Choice is thought by some to be a con­ser­vat­ive front or­gan­iz­a­tion try­ing to help” state Sen. Nan Rich (D) “gain ground in her primary fight against Crist.” The Or­lando Sen­tinel also “re­ports that Pro­gress­ive Choice is pay­ing for a ra­cially-tinged ra­dio ad in cent­ral Flor­ida that cites Crist’s strong sup­port for the NRA’s polit­ic­al agenda and his sup­port for stricter sen­ten­cing laws when he was a Re­pub­lic­an gov­ernor and state sen­at­or.” (Miami Her­ald)