Kashkari Pulls Ahead of Donnelly in New Poll

Donnelly isn’t the only Tea Party candidate that has Republicans worried out west - former GOP Rep. Tom Tancredo is a top-tier candidate in Colorado’s June 24 gubernatorial primary.

Karyn Bruggeman
June 2, 2014, 7:35 a.m.

A new USC Dornsife/Los Angeles Times poll has Gov. Jerry Brown (D) lead­ing his two ma­jor rivals by a wide mar­gin ahead of Tues­day’s primary, and shows former Treas­ury De­part­ment of­fi­cial Neel Kashkari (R) pulling ahead of Tea Party As­sembly­man Tim Don­nelly (D) for the first time. Brown leads Kashkari 50-18%, fol­lowed by Don­nelly at 13%. “The ap­par­ent move­ment sug­ges­ted that Kashkari’s re­cent blitz of tele­vi­sion ads and glossy mail­ers was pay­ing di­vidends.” (Los Angeles Times)

The Wall Street Journ­al and the San Jose Mer­cury News both offered pre­views of to­mor­row’s primary con­test.

RE­BUILD­ING THE GOP. Who­ever wins the No. 2 spot to take on Brown will face tough odds in Novem­ber, and Kas­kari is adam­ant his goals ex­tend bey­ond just win­ning. At a cam­paign stop in Sil­ic­on Val­ley over the week­end he said: “I’ve got two goals: I’m run­ning for gov­ernor to beat Jerry Brown, to help fix the state. Num­ber two is to help re­build the Re­pub­lic­an Party in Cali­for­nia and around the state.” He “said his em­phas­is on di­versity was driv­en by a de­sire to rebrand the Re­pub­lic­an Party, fol­low­ing the set­backs of the 2012 pres­id­en­tial elec­tion.” (Los Angeles Times)

WIN­NING THE WEST. Don­nelly isn’t the only GOP gubernat­ori­al can­did­ate out west that has his fel­low Re­pub­lic­ans wor­ried. Former Col­or­ado Rep. Tom Tan­credo (R) ap­pears equally cap­able of cap­tur­ing his party nom­in­a­tion on June 24 to take on Gov. John Hick­en­loop­er (D) in Novem­ber. “The fate of these bona fide tea-party can­did­ates is about more than keep­ing score of es­tab­lish­ment wins and losses. Demo­crats are hop­ing, and some Re­pub­lic­ans are con­cerned, that hav­ing Don­nelly and Tan­credo atop their tick­ets would be a ma­jor drag on the en­tire Cali­for­nia and Col­or­ado GOP slates in Novem­ber — or worse, could cause ser­i­ous dam­age to the party’s long-term pro­spects.” (Na­tion­al Journ­al)

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