Poll Puts Pryor Up by Wide Margin

Andrea Drusch
May 12, 2014, 7:35 a.m.

An NBC-Mar­ist poll shows Sen. Mark Pry­or (D) lead­ing Rep. Tom Cot­ton (R) 51% to 40%. Pry­or had a fa­vor­ab­il­ity rat­ing of 50% to 35% un­fa­vor­able, and Cot­ton 38% to 39% (April 30-May 4, 876 RVs, +/- 3.3%). (re­lease)

The sur­vey is about even with the spread in the New York Times/Kais­er Fam­ily poll in April, but a much wider mar­gin than oth­er re­cent polling.