New Sasse Ad Touts Positive Campaign; Dinsdale Responds to Attacks

Sasse internal poll shows him pulling from the pack.

Andrea Drusch
May 9, 2014, 7:35 a.m.

Mid­land Uni­versity pres­id­ent Ben Sas­se’s (R) fi­nal cam­paign ad be­fore the May 13 primary high­lights nods from the Neb­raska Farm Bur­eau, former Gov. Kay Orr (R), and Rep. Jeff Forten­berry (R). It touts that he didn’t run a neg­at­ive TV ad in the race. The cam­paign has man­aged to stay above the fray with ads fea­tur­ing Sas­se’s daugh­ters and his en­dorse­ments, while al­lied out­side groups go on the at­tack against his op­pon­ents. (Hot­line re­port­ing)

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FIR­ING BACK: A new TV ad from banker Sid Dinsdale (R) de­fends his re­cord from at­tacks by out­side groups. He’s been hammered in the past week as a late surge in the cam­paign made him a tar­get. Dinsdale doesn’t re­fute any points made by out­side groups spe­cific­ally, but says Neb­raskans are too smart to be­lieve false at­tacks on him. (Roll Call)

NUM­BERS: An in­tern­al poll from the Sas­se cam­paign con­duc­ted by Stra­tegic Na­tion­al finds him pulling away from the pack. Sas­se takes 34%, fol­lowed by bank pres­id­ent Sid Dinsdale at 23% and former Neb­raska Treas­urer Shane Os­born at 20%.  Sas­se’s fa­vor­ab­il­ity to un­fa­vor­ab­il­ity is 64% to 20%, Dinsdale’s is 54% to 21% and Os­born’s is 50% to 31% (May 7-8, 400 Re­spond­ents, +/-4.90%). (Hot­line re­port­ing)

EN­DORSE­MENTS: Kan­sas Sec­ret­ary of State Kris Kobach (R), who draf­ted Ari­zona’s con­tro­ver­sial im­mig­ra­tion law, has en­dorsed Os­born. Kobach says Os­born will fight against the am­nesty for il­le­gi­al im­mig­rants in the state. (Omaha World Her­ald)

DIRTY WORK: Re­tir­ing Sen. Mike Jo­hanns (R) blasts out­side groups for muck­ing up the Re­pub­lic­an primary with neg­at­ive ads. “Some of the stuff you see on TV it’s like, ‘My good­ness,’” he told re­port­ers. So far the 60 Plus As­so­ci­ation, Madis­on Pro­ject and Free­dom Pi­on­eers Ac­tion Net­work have all run neg­at­ive ads in the state. (Neb­raska Watch­dog)

The Omaha World-Her­ald wrote an ed­it­or­i­al con­demning the ads. Sen. Deb Fisc­her (R): “When I ran I said I wouldn’t do any neg­at­ive ads and that’s the cam­paign that we ran thru the primary and thru the gen­er­al. It’s hard to sit back and get hit on things, but I cer­tainly think Neb­raskans ap­pre­ci­ated the cam­paign I ran and I think they re­war­ded me for that. We’ll see what hap­pens this time.” (Wall Street Journ­al)

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